Monday, July 7, 2014

As a child

Last week, we had ALL the children and grandchildren in town for a little over 48 hours.
Enjoying the grandchildren caused me to recall the following words, written several decades ago.
I find it so fascinating how 'truth' never grows old...

"Persistence, as a child, may I
have as I press on.
The things that I desire of Thee
let me not give up on.
blameless in Thy sight,
cause me to be, Lord, in my quest
to be a son of Light!

Even as a child, ever-
learning all the day;
seeking, oh, and finding, yes,
the Straight and Narrow Way!
Hearing, Lord, the words of Thee,
believing them as truth;
knowing that You are The God
that knew me from my youth!

And the innocence, oh Father,
that they do possess-
so be it, (yet not naïve,)
as Thy Name I confess!
Knowing...hearing...trusting Thee-
attributes of mine
as I ever-onward press
to be Your child divine!"

God is so good.  Father God is so good and so personal!  He has blessed us with so much, and we are allowed and able to enjoy them when they come to town!
May each of you be able to echo the same!

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