Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A hand extended

In my success...in my achievements...in my "ME-ness," I wasn't too blind to see

A hand this moment, reaching down
to help me to my feet;
the very touch of that same hand
makes this man complete!
No matter where I've been, no matter
what I may have done,
He tells me I'm forgiven, yes,
and He calls me His son!

Who else would come to me at such
a time and lift me up,
and then invite me to Himself
to fellowship and sup?
This world won't even see me with
the blemishes I've got,
but through His eyes and through His Blood
I haven't got a spot!!

Fellowshipping with my Lord-
with nothing it compares!
All alone, partaking, oh,
of all my Father shares!
Receiving all that He has purposed
unto them who bow
bending their own will, His Holy
Spirit to allow!

"Thank You, Lord, for everything
in Your extended hand!
Unworthy am I in Your Presence,
Lord, to even stand!
Yet You reach unto me, Father,
there uplifting me,
then to lead me, step-by-step,
in that which I can't see!"

God is that real.  God is that personal.  God is THAT good!  He is wanting to lead and guide us in the proper way to go.  He KNOWS That Way!  Unfortunately, too many people think that they already know 'the way' and there is no deviating from the path!  It's all a matter of 'trust.'
Can you trust Him THAT much?

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