Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Still, the battle rages...

Witnessing and watching...

learning all the while.
A life of serving Jesus doesn't
make ALL people smile!
Pressing unto Jesus further
pushes some away;
do so in the Spirit, though,
and pray and pray and pray!
The closer we get to the front

the warfare does increase!
The enemy would love to see us
just give up and cease!
But NO!  It's even then that we
must witness all the more
about how good our Jesus is
and all He has in store!

Look around...there is a battle
everywhere we turn.
The grace of God abounds, though,
let that fervency, then, burn!!
No giving turning back...
His leading is alive!
In spite of trials in this life,
stand on His Word and thrive!

The enemy is defeated, but he will fight to the very end to get us to give up on our faith, doubt or deny God, and turn us against one another.  DON'T LET HIM!!
We MUST turn to God every day and put on His whole armor so that we may prevail.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Assurances

Day in and day out, life is certainly full of blessings, but it is also abounding with issues.  Issues in our own lives that must be dealt with.  Issues of others that we listen to and help them through. 
If we don't have Jesus Christ in our hearts, how will we know how to properly face these issues?

Truth and grace be in abundance as we go.
More of Jesus Christ and God to know.
More of Him and all His awesome ways!
More of faith and hope and heartfelt praise!

"Yes, I want more as I draw near to You.
You said for me to ask, so, Lord, I do!
You told me if I ask, Lord, AND believe
that would be the key for to receive.
Thank You for the promises that live,
thank You for the bounty that You give!
Thank You for the ways You move in man;
thank You that You have a settled plan!"

I do not have to wonder or be tossed.
'Yea' and 'Amen' have verified the cost!
And Jesus Christ inside has sealed my fate!
Oh God is good and, yes, He is so great!

Are there issues in your life that must be settled?
Are there things that seem to hinder you from moving on?
Jesus Christ is your Savior, tell Him about these things!  Turn them over to Him.  Those things that are too big for You to handle.  Those things that are so small, yet they are like a pebble in your shoe.  He not only wants to hear them from you, He wants to help You get past them and move on victoriously!
Let Him!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Being in Touch

Before I go out into the world...
While I am out in the world...
After I return from the world...

Listening so closely to
the words He has to say;
very clear unto my heart
my Savior does convey
oh, the honesty and the
compassion of His Word-
more passion than I've ever seen,
more love than I have heard.

Being in such quietude,
hearing Jesus speak...
the love that is deep in His eyes,
nobility in cheek...
the expressions of Him as
He speaks unto my heart-
oh, the deep emotions, such
conversing does impart!

And His words continue as
my tears begin to well.
Again, the deepest of emotions
does this Man compel!
He knows each facet of my heart,
each thought upon my mind;
He also knows exactly how,
those facets, to unbind!

Oh yes, the honesty of just
conversing with my Lord
after being in a world
where flesh and spirit warred!
Such peace is there induced just by
listening to His voice,
and just by looking in His face
am I caused to rejoice.

The honesty of Jesus.  His look is so understanding.  His touch is so healing.  His blessed words are so comforting.  Everything about Him restores!
Trust Him for all that you are going through.  He knows all.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Window of my Mind

God gives us His Word.  As we read that Word, it is the Holy Spirit that causes scenes to come to life. 
What do YOU see...

In the window of my mind
I see the glory fall!
Myriads around the Throne;
One Name, alone, they call!
In flight, they worship Him Who has
the nail prints in His hands,
Him Who so withstood what just
the Father understands.
The stars about the heavens are
a choir unto Him;
perfect harmony is from
the voice of each of them.
The moons and planets, very low
in reverence they bow;
yea, far beyond the universe's
limits will allow!

"Yea, the heavens, o my God,
in constant adoration
unto the King upon His throne-
a solemn celebration!
Even life around this man
rejoicing unto Thee!
O let me in the midst of it
in all of my days be!

The window of my mind, it e'er
affords a view of Thee!
E'en if mine eyes be taken out,
that window still will be!
The glory and the majesty,
the myriads, the Throne,
and all the many semblances
of Jesus Christ alone!"

The window of the mind.  For there may the Holy Spirit reveal the glory and the majesty of Jesus and His creation...that creation that is far beyond what man can establish!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The God that IS!

God is so alive!
If you listen, you can hear of Him and the moving of Him in your day, in your life, in your world...

Oh, to hear of miracles
that, constantly, He does!
Proof that He's the God that "is"
and not the God that "was!"
Alive and doing such for them
that name the Name of Him!
Oh, confess Him as your God
and so partake of them!

"Indeed, You are the God of life
to those alive in You!
In our eyes, the miraculous,
so constantly, You do!
But "miracles" are second-nature
unto One so great!
Even the "daily" that You do
does, that term, connotate!"

"The God of, oh, the living,
I am so alive in You!
And I appreciate, oh God,
the many things You do!
But, oh, much more than what You do,
God, I appreciate
the fact that You are God, oh God,
so good and oh so great!"

God. THE God!  So alive, so living in all of life!
Blessed are them that are able to see Him move in the situations that they are in.  Always 'favorable' situations?  No way!!
Blessed are those who are able to rejoice in THE GOD THAT IS!
Are you one of them?

Friday, July 25, 2014


Once again, the writer finds his pen leaning toward 'environs.' 
As I spoke with some today, the overtone was loud and clear: they are in a desert.  As we spoke, I was minded of words written years ago...

The forbidding desert sands
so often He's traversed.
He has what quenches evermore
for them that are a-thirst!
Them that drink of what He has
shall thirst again no more!
And Him Who brings it, He can,
every facet, so restore!

Are you in a desert?  Are you
wandering about?
The quenching of your innermost
are you so without?
The One Who quenches, too, is out there
waiting for your call,
waiting for that final bastion--
human pride--to fall!
And that can be done by only
calling out His Name!
When you discover what He brings
you WILL be glad He came!
His Name is Jesus!  Just to speak
His Name will bring Him nigh!
Do this, and not again will you
traverse a land so dry!

Could that person be you?  Jesus has the living water that you need to make it through that desert.  Jesus IS that Living Water!  Don't let another dry, suffocating day go by without calling out to Him and receiving the Life that He is!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This morning's words...

God continues to amaze!
If you recall yesterday's message, it started out speaking of the "stillness," (or the lack of!) in God's wonderful creation.  I wrote that as I sat there looking out the window.  (Something that I call a 'fresh message.')
I sit down this evening to pray about tomorrow's message.  I open up my pad to see what the last thing was that I wrote about.  When I do not write something 'fresh,' the poem comes from that pad or the volumes that God has blessed me with.
All that said, here is the last thing in my pad:

In the stillness of the morning,
absent be the 'still.'
Visibly is so much life
responding to His will.
The trees--they cannot keep their peace
as He is passing by!
They wave their arms and branches,
they reach to Him on high!

Oh, the stillness of the morn,
(as little 'still' would be,
even man is moving, causing
praises unto Three!
Praise and glory, adoration-
it is constant here!
In the stillness, He is holy-
all of life revere!

"Holy, holy!  Hallelujah!"
Hear the living sing!
In the song of those celestial
harmonies so ring!
O join the song alive and give
Christ Jesus praises due!
He is saving, He is blessing,
loving even you!

In the stillness of the morning
'still' cannot be living!
Give to Jesus Christ the Lord
because He is so giving!

Holy Spirit is alive and well, ya think?!
I am so amazed at the way He works in us and through us to cause us to bear witness of Himself and His wonderful ways!
Be still and know that He is God.
Be still and hear His voice.
Be still until you just can't stand it and then cry out

Tonight's words...

Listening...looking...watching...what is it that God is saying to me today, and how will He say it.  Yes.  He is THAT real!
Will it be "seasonal?"  After all, it is not always that same season in all the parts of the world that these words go.
So I will write across the top of this what I write across the top of every page in my pad: 
"Speak, oh Lord..."

In the stillness of the evening
something is not still!
In the air to come delights
that give the heart such thrill!
Hundreds, if not thousands, of
the ones upon a wing
occupy the trees above
and 'busy' would they sing!

I note this part of His creation
happening each eve.
Such migration comes in numbers
too hard to believe!
Migration?  But they come each night,
And move from tree to tree!
Oh, what cacophony from His
creation is to be!!

Oh blessed be the little birds
one at a time or not!
Come to entertain the ones
such wonderment to spot!
Creator God creating and
revealing to His own
but another miracle
for which He is so known!

And still they arrive...flocking from grove to grove...and then off they go afar...
"Thank You, Father God, for being faithful, for showing me some more of Your creation, and revealing more of Your truth in such!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Early Gift

The glory of the morning...
Once again, faithful God has created another day.  Another opportunity for US to glorify HIM in the lives that we live, the life that HE gives...

"Oh give me yet another chance,
a chance to give You praise!
An opportunity for me
to demonstrate Your ways.
For You are God, Creator of
the words I formulate-
oh cause them Lord to speak to hearts
so minor or so great!

Yes, You are God, so great and mighty,

there is none like You!
You speak the word, and give me such
a fascinating view:
the rolling hills...the valley deep...
the river and its might-
all greet me early in the day
and bring my heart delight!

But You--You are creator of
all that would fascinate,
and it is You, Creator God,
my heart would celebrate!
You make life and I enjoy
one moment...then another...
I worship You and honor You-
much closer than a brother!"

On your way to work today, find something to praise God for and let Him know--right there in the car!  As I said already, He's right there with You.  Acknowledge Him and the beauty of His creation!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stay in The Word, part 2

Again, pray.
Part the pages and expect to hear from God through the words that He shows...

Inside an enigma-

words that come to life!
The sum addressing everything
from ecstasy to strife!
Words that know the very heart-
but they must be ingested!
Words that run the gamut,
and, after, I be rested!

How wonderful, again, The Word,
the Bible, so alive!
Taking of it every day
assures I will arrive!
Not professing to profess
proficiency at such,
but speaking truly, from the heart,
"I KNOW my Father's touch!"

How simple is the mystery
so many to refute?
How wonderful, the purity
so many would pollute!
Know the Bible!  Know the Truth:
Jesus Christ in Word!
Then know the constant "blessings" in
your life to be occurred!!

The Word of God.  The Bible.
I didn't really think of the controversy it has caused throughout history until I read some of the comments and responses to this devotional!  One of the unpublished comments from "Anonymous" promises to "hunt me down and put a stop to the lies" that I write about.  Please pray for them.  They obviously miss the Truth that God's Word is all about.
If someone is making such dire threats because I talk about The Bible, then perhaps it DOES contain so much value that it must be protected by God through all these centuries... AND TODAY!
Again, please pray for those making threats that they would come to know the LIFE that Jesus is!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


"Should I even be here?"
"What am I doing in this meeting?"
"Should I be paying attention...instead of making these notes?"
"Something's 'out of whack!'"

The Word of God before me-
the time, it's getting late!
I'll read it when I get back home,
"I promise!  It's a date!"
More excuses that I use,
The Bible, to avoid...
Life--it seems so empty...
life--it seems so void...

Answers.  I know that there are answers.  And I know where to go for them.  God's Word.
The enemy will accuse and threaten all day long.  He will even make up lies that sound like the Truth!  That's why he can deceive so many.  I must bury myself in God's Word so that I will recognize those lies when they come.  The enemy will even take The Truth and twist it just barely so that it sounds wonderful...but it is still a lie.
Don't fall for it!  STAY IN THE BIBLE!!  It's NOT "just reading a few pages of an old book," It is fellowshipping with Something so alive!  Something that affects the course of the entire day!  Dare I say "Someone!"
Don't let ANYTHING embezzle you out of time in The Bible, God's Word!

Friday, July 18, 2014


The fire rages...
the flood attempts to overtake...
the ground itself shudders...
and the sky moans, roars and even strikes...
but in it all, there is awe, spectacle and wonder!

"You are the Maker of the storm,
You ride upon the crest!
I have to tell me, through it all,
'I'm safe and I am blest!'
You know the very steps I take,
You order them always;
therefore, as I am hunkered down,
my life shall bring You praise!
The lightning and the thunder,
the tempest and the rain-
no matter how severe the storm,
You know the depth of pain!
And even in disaster, when
this life cannot be found,
You hold me in Your very hand,
and I be safe and sound!"

The aforementioned events may have happened or are happening to you, happening in your life, and it is NOT wonderful!  We have been through catastrophes and disasters in our lives and they are filled with pain and discomfort, but we have learned from them.  One of the greatest lessons we have learned is that if we cannot see Creator God during the storm, He is about to show up.  And when He does, miracles and wonders appear or start happening. 
As the storm approaches, I stand before it with arms held high in praise to God, others go and hide until the storm passes.  (They are probably the wiser!)
What we are going through may be quite painful, even disastrous, but look for God!  Especially look for Him in places where you do not expect to find Him!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Finally, peace.
What needed to be done was taken care of.
My parents told me years ago that I could not please everyone.  They HAD TO tell me that, because that was what I was attempting to do!
Later, in my first church, a wise, learned sage tried to tell me the same thing.  He saw how much I was doing or attempting to do for God and told me what he thought.  I did not listen.  After all, what I was doing was for God's glory!
Several churches later, the Pastor pulled me aside and told me that my family was a far more important ministry than what was going on in his church.  It was like a father rebuking his child: all in love.  Thank you Pastor Venable.  I thank God for Pastor Venable.  God showed him the error of my ways, because I wasn't seeing or hearing it from my family.  He helped me see and know better ways to take care of those in my own home.  He was quite blunt and direct about it, too!  God could take care of His Own.  (And mine, but I had to put effort into it as well.)
That said, do I stop trying to help those with whom I fellowship?  Of course not!  God takes care of His Own, but He uses US to do it, THE Church, IF we are open to the leading of His Spirit.  What a blessing it is to belong to God!  What a blessing to watch Him move in ways that we do not expect...all while being dependable.
Wherever it is that God has called you to, get involved.  Put your heart into it.  Yes, you will get hurt.  But God is The Healer.  Yes, you might get taken advantage of, but God will take care of you.  He owns everything and will replace whatever it is that you may have lost.  Remember what all Job went through?
People might fail you, but God will not.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pain

Pain.  It hurts!
Physical pain.  Emotional pain.  Psychological pain.  Even someone else's pain affects us!  Thank God we have Someone to go to Who understands ALL of our pain!

"Jesus, Jesus, mighty Jesus,
You Who understand,
You see me in my suffering
and You reach out Your hand!
No matter what I'm going through,
no matter how I feel,
the escape that I require
You come and reveal!
You take me to Your healing place
where no one else can go.
You touch me in those places, Lord,
that no one else can know!
You realize that each of us,
though "all the same" may be
are not like any other-
You know the suffering because
You went through it before.
You know the hurting and the pain,
(and dare I say 'much more!')
You know me better than myself,
and what was done or said.
You have the answer for it all,
for that is why You bled!

Jesus, Jesus, mighty Jesus,
hide myself in You.
Whatever has been done, You know
exactly what to do.
I turn to You only as
the valley deepens yet,
knowing that You are THE ANSWER-
Your relief to get!"
ALL of our pain.  Jesus understands.  God is fully aware. 
I am fully aware of my pain and I DON'T understand!  But I cling to Jesus regardless!  I know that I know that He will sustain me through this.


Mighty God.  So mighty!
Almighty God...omnipotent!
Great and mighty God...yet so generous!
God is so great!  God is even THE GREATEST, but He still has love and time for the least of us...

Mightier is Jesus than
the powers of this earth;
Yea, indeed, omnipotent
is Him Who gives new birth!
And greater, oh, than anything
that comes against this man!
Grateful am I, oh, that I
am in the Father's plan!

"Verily, omnipotence-
it speaks so well of Thee!
And everywhere I look, oh Lord,
thy touch I clearly see!
Thy hand is there in everything
that does concern my life,
how can I then let anything
approaching bid me strife?

Great and mighty Savior, I
exalt Thy holy Name!
Thy mercies, oh, unto this man,
forever I'll proclaim!
All throughout the days that I
have left here in this place
will I pay obeisance to
the One Who saves by grace!"

Mighty God.  ALMIGHTY GOD!
He is so worthy of praise, adoration and obedience.
Know Him and the power of His might!  For He already knows you completely!

Eternal Melody

God is so good!
Sunday morning.  Wherever we are, wherever we go, God makes sure that we sense His Presence there, and we learn something.
Sometimes, it is not exactly what we are looking for...

Joining in the choruses
(that never have an end,)
unto the One upon the Throne-
as incense they ascend!
So fitting are the praises and
the worship of the is place
to Him Who died yet is alive,
Him Who saves by grace!

Yea, and do I join with them
in worship unto You,
looking forward to the day
when that is all we'll do!
Soon and very soon, my Father God,
to be up there
in that Place where everything
will be beyond compare!

But a sample of it now
is all that I'm allowed;
hearing, oh, the harmony,
voicing mine aloud!
Be it just a sample, yet
so thankful still am I
just to so be able to
exalt His Name on high!

It may not be what we were looking for, but it is what God is wanting us to find.  We found it this morning as we set out to have breakfast somewhere. 
A wonderful melody. 
A wonderful lesson. 
God is so good!

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Roses

Good morning.   Walk with me.  Discover all things new as I attempt to write them down...

Dew upon the roses, oh,
so simple yet so blessed;
and the scent they carry,
it so puts the heart at rest;
The blest aroma unto me,
the sweetness 'yond compare-
my precious Father made it just
so He could, with me, share!

Beautiful unto my sight,
(and other senses, too!)
Created He the rose in bloom-
this I know very true!
Where else could such beauty come from?
Nowhere else, I say!
Could only be created by
the One to Whom I pray!

"Thank You for the spectrum of
the garden, Lord, abloom.
Yea, and the variety
of the sweet perfume!
I savor it, Lord, as I walk
beside You, hand-in-hand;
glory, Father God, to You
for labors of Your hand!"

Early morning...walking with Him...the roar of silence...and His voice.  I am so wealthy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Greater is His Love!

It doesn't matter who we are, how good we think we are, how old or young we are, there remains an enemy that is living/dying to destroy us!
Just because I am saved, (especially because I am saved!) just because I know and am daily knowing The Word, just because _________, I am not immune from the attacks of the enemy!  However, since I do belong to God, I have some assurances...

Because, in the Holy Scriptures
is this servant versed,
by anything from Satan I
refused to be coerced!
God's provision covers anything
I would require,
and, by His Grace, I am endowed
with all I would desire!
Therefore, when I am approached
by the tempting one
with the lies he brings along,
I call upon The Son!
I've learned that any offer that
originates below
is nowhere near the quality
the Father would bestow!
Yea, and evermore will I
refuse the bribes and lies,
and heed the One Who offers life,
Who lifts and edifies!
Versed may I be...but greater
is His love in me!
I choose to so adhere to Him--
and thus is victory!

And thus is victory!  AND THUS IS VICTORY!!  Continue to cling to Jesus and His every word!  The love that He has for you, for US, is greater than anything and it will last for eternity! 
Do not be embezzled by this world!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

He sees!

It's a whole big world out there.   There is a whole lot going on!  It is hard for this writer to grasp that God is in control of every life at every time.  That being said, sometimes it is hard to remember that

Vexation in this life, it seems
to NEVER have an end!
Repudiated, though I'm not,
for I have got a Friend!
He said the tribulations here
are constantly unfurled,
but not to be despondent,
He has overcome the world!
Everything we will encounter
He's gone through before.
Thus, when we go through them, He
can keep us and restore!
Yea, when come adversities,
they are allayed by Him;
for He is very cognizant
of every one of them!
Though sometimes my propensity
is to, unsettled, be,
so incisive is His plan
to lift it off of me!

"Oh, and if my thankfulness
has been tacit, Lord,
let the facets now proclaim
the recognition stored!
For it is only unto ONE:
God and God alone-
Him that sees all everything
that happens from His Throne!"

God is not blind to anything that we go through in this life or the next.  Period. 
He is well aware of all that will happen and He already knows what He is going to do about it!
I choose to place my life and my plans into Hands like those!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A hand extended

In my my my "ME-ness," I wasn't too blind to see

A hand this moment, reaching down
to help me to my feet;
the very touch of that same hand
makes this man complete!
No matter where I've been, no matter
what I may have done,
He tells me I'm forgiven, yes,
and He calls me His son!

Who else would come to me at such
a time and lift me up,
and then invite me to Himself
to fellowship and sup?
This world won't even see me with
the blemishes I've got,
but through His eyes and through His Blood
I haven't got a spot!!

Fellowshipping with my Lord-
with nothing it compares!
All alone, partaking, oh,
of all my Father shares!
Receiving all that He has purposed
unto them who bow
bending their own will, His Holy
Spirit to allow!

"Thank You, Lord, for everything
in Your extended hand!
Unworthy am I in Your Presence,
Lord, to even stand!
Yet You reach unto me, Father,
there uplifting me,
then to lead me, step-by-step,
in that which I can't see!"

God is that real.  God is that personal.  God is THAT good!  He is wanting to lead and guide us in the proper way to go.  He KNOWS That Way!  Unfortunately, too many people think that they already know 'the way' and there is no deviating from the path!  It's all a matter of 'trust.'
Can you trust Him THAT much?

Monday, July 7, 2014

As a child

Last week, we had ALL the children and grandchildren in town for a little over 48 hours.
Enjoying the grandchildren caused me to recall the following words, written several decades ago.
I find it so fascinating how 'truth' never grows old...

"Persistence, as a child, may I
have as I press on.
The things that I desire of Thee
let me not give up on.
blameless in Thy sight,
cause me to be, Lord, in my quest
to be a son of Light!

Even as a child, ever-
learning all the day;
seeking, oh, and finding, yes,
the Straight and Narrow Way!
Hearing, Lord, the words of Thee,
believing them as truth;
knowing that You are The God
that knew me from my youth!

And the innocence, oh Father,
that they do possess-
so be it, (yet not naïve,)
as Thy Name I confess!
Knowing...hearing...trusting Thee-
attributes of mine
as I ever-onward press
to be Your child divine!"

God is so good.  Father God is so good and so personal!  He has blessed us with so much, and we are allowed and able to enjoy them when they come to town!
May each of you be able to echo the same!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

God and people

So many 'things...'
So many life-events...
I don't understand the ones who insist "I've seen it all!"
Life-changing events happen.  That's why "life" is part of their name!  And it is during those events that we learn so much!  (Or are supposed to!)
People that you KNOW that you can depend on are there. 
People you THINK you can depend on disappoint.
People that you don't even think of step up and do something that blesses you so much you'll never forget!
Then God steps in and shakes something that you have held to for most of your life, and it causes you to jump or shift to something else that only He has thought of...something better?
In ALL of these events, there are two constants: God and people.  God will NEVER disappoint, but He will often surprise.  People will sometimes disappoint, and we seem to ALWAYS be surprised.  Is that because we put more faith in people than we do in God?  Hmm...
In the past few months, I have seen God, people and The Church work in ways that I never have...because I have never really been forced to!  God has been even more faithful... people have surprised AND disappointed, and The Church has become something that I have rarely seen in the past 35 years!  It's beautiful.  It's challenging.  It's painful.
I hope that what you read from this writer causes you to turn to God and cling to Him, to see Him in ways that you may never have before, or to hear His voice addressing something that you are going through.
If none of these words apply to you, then maybe you have reached a more dangerous place in your walk.  It is called "comfortable."

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sweet Freedom

In the stillness of the morning let freedom ring...
In the chaos of the noontide let freedom ring...
in the rest that is the evening let freedom ring...
in the life that is Jesus Christ let freedom ring!

In the middle of the summer
this land celebrates
the liberty that we enjoy
by honoring their fates.
Too many lives to have a number
sacrificed their all
allowing us to celebrate-
thus honoring their call!

In the middle of the summer-
just a 'holiday?'   
NO!  A time to honor men
and fete sweet Freedom's way!
We do so with a thankful heart
unto a gracious God
Who oversaw sweet freedom's rise
and gave to it a call!

Wherever you are today, it is the prayer of this writer that you can find the truth of this message, and see proof of it with your very own eyes!  I know that some of you are reading this in a country that does not offer the liberties that mine does, and I/we are praying that you very soon will LIVE the celebration that we are enjoying.

In HIS Service,