Saturday, June 21, 2014

What are Words?

I could list achievements that some might envy...but they are only 'awards.'
I could list a few other things that have been 'earned,' but they are fleeting.
I could tell you that I am writing #7720, but they are only words!  And being 'only words,' how do you describe it to God...

"Though I speak of You in rhyme,
the blessings of You all the time,
the beauty of You every day-
how can diction so convey?!
Yea, though daily I may try
to pen the beauty in my eye,
to term what is inside my heart,
human language dare not start!
So beyond description fine
is that inside this heart of mine
since, in there, You came to dwell-
yea, no human tongue can tell!
'Tis known alone to God above-
You-synonymous with 'love;'
the only One to comprehend
those words that flow without an end!
Without an end, indeed, oh Lord,
just like Your precious love outpoured
without measure, without end-
Your love, Lord, that will e'er descend!
Speaking of Your love for me
forevermore, Lord, will I be.
Allow me NOT the perfect word
lest, from Your praise, I be deterred!"

Only words...true.  But look what Holy Spirit can say through 'those words!'
Again, God has given each one of us with individual gifts.  Never take them for granted, and always use them for His glory!

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