Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Word Within

God is so good!
You know that...if only from hearing it from this writer so often!

And part of that Goodness is Jesus Christ and His life inside every time I part the pages of The Bible---Jesus Christ in word...

"Come now, oh Word of Christ, and with

all wisdom so indwell!
Be that fire in my soul
that not a thing can quell!

Richly, oh Lord, in all wisdom,
be alive in me;
song and hymn and grace inside
my heart wilt Thou now be?

The very holy Word of God--
it is life to this man!
I open and devour it
as often as I can!
It causes me to grow in ways
that nothing else can do;
it is alive in power and
'twill e'er remain so true!

O Word of God, come use this man

to edify the rest;
to build them and encourage them
that they, too, will be blessed!
Evermore alive in me,
cause me, Thy Life, to share
that they be drawn into that realm
of life beyond compare!"

That Life.  it is life abundant if you make Jesus Your Savior and read His Word every day.  His Word, the Bible.  It is Jesus Christ alive in your hands.  Never take it for granted!
These words were written after I read Colossians 3:16, 17

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