Friday, June 20, 2014

The Only One!

Once again pondering life...
And again, the depths of me must cry out

"My Lord, You are the ONLY One!
Let Your will in my life be done;
every moment of the day
I submit unto Your way!
My Lord, I lay myself aside.
Let all my 'self,' Lord, be denied
and lead my steps unto Your way;
I give myself to You this day!
I give unto You everything.
Show me those things to which I cling
so I'll release them, fast and free!
Hear, oh Lord, mine humble plea!

I do not want a thing to be
in my life that would hinder me
from receiving all that's mine
from my Risen Lord divine!
I give myself to You, indeed;
and, as I do, my Lord, I'm freed
from all the bondage of this world!
Asunder have my chains been hurled!

The blessings in You, Lord, to be:
peace and love and victory,
salvation, hope, forgiveness, joy...
in You, Lord, freely I enjoy!

Jesus Christ--the only One,
the King of kings, God's own Son!
Submission unto You fore'er--
my risen Lord, this is my prayer!"

I cannot live without Jesus.  I do not even want to try!  He is so much an integral part of all that I do.  He loves me, He blesses me, He corrects me, He disciplines me...all because He cares!  I hope that the way I feel about Him can be seen, felt and heard in the words that come from within!

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