Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Greatest!

"You are good and You are great-there is no other!
You favor me, You are closer than a brother!
The love You have for me, for nothing may compare;
there is no way to tally everything You share!

You are good and You are great, oh Lord and Master!
You are right beside in ecstasy or disaster!
Your guidance and Your wisdom--each step to ordain;
You see to my promotion, You guarantee my gain.

'OH YOU ARE GOOD AND YOU ARE GREAT' my soul to ever cry!
My spirit even for to sing, Your grace to magnify!
You are high and You are holy, there is none like You!
You are gracious to bow low and bless Your chosen few!"

God is THE Greatest in all creation!  He was even Greatest BEFORE creation!  No, I don't understand it either, but I understand that it is true!  Allow Him first place in your heart and life and watch Him prove Himself to be greater than anything You can imagine!

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