Saturday, June 7, 2014

The fight...

"'s a battle."
That's the response I often got when I asked an older Christian long ago how he was doing.  He often said that, so, out of ignorance, I stopped asking.
Years later, I had to contact him and apologize for my attitude.  It was MY turn to have said reply when asked!

Once more into the battle;

I am equipped by HIM!
Today--it will contain attacks
by the likes of THEM!
The enemy lays wait in places
we do not expect,
but, to the Victor, I belong--
ALL life does He inspect!

The battle--it is physical
and spiritual, also.
At HIS leading, at HIS word
we mount up and we go!
Ever-forward in the fight
that soon will have an end;
until then, do not compromise,
but care for foe and friend!

Once more into the battle-
the same is every day...
and we must ever be on guard
upon the Narrow Way!
The enemy is full of craft,
corruption and deceit,
and only in Christ Jesus Lord
His ways can we defeat!

Yes, it is a battle.  But since we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ the Victor, we do not have to and will not be defeated!
How's it going with you?

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