Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Donkey Poem

Everyone is comfortable,
set fast in their ways;
living in their private world
in these final days.
Everybody knows his place
and what is right and wrong,
so on our donkeys do we sit
and slowly move along. 

As we go and do the things
that we know we must do,
with ease we notice things that must
be done by others, too.
There are shut-ins to be visited
the church has welcomed in.
I'd ride my donkey to their homes,
but that's for Brother Ken. 

Brother Steve said that the youth group
is really growing fast!
I saw there many kids as I,
upon my donkey, passed.
He sends the call unto us all:
he sure could use a hand.
But....I am worn out from my work,
I know he'll understand! 

The pastor said to make a point,
with visitors, to share.
One new family came today,
they're standing over there.
The pastor's talking with them now,
so very glad they came;
so, on my donkey, I'll sneak out,
go home and watch the game.    

So many ways to work for HIM,
all striving for ONE goal.
Everybody knows his place,
but do we know in whole?
There is so much that must be done
by us unto the masses;
it's not for anybody else--
we must get off our donkeys!

Are these words speaking to anyone?  They were certainly written with a motive, but God and the Holy Spirit continue to amaze me with how They use them!


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