Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bank

What a beautiful place!
I needed to be here after the week that we have had!

In the silence at the river-

hear the multitude of noise...
count the sights and sounds existing
'mongst the wealthiest of joys!
The ebb and flow of that so living-
on a paper to contain?
In the lack of all that living
life--it is so far from 'plain!'

In the silence of the river-
gone, the rumble and the roar;
present be the song of silence
in the air and on the shore.
Too, the water be alive,
(other than the current strong,)
with the fishes that are jumping
and the cranes that glide along.

In the silence--the cacophony
of life alive.
In the noise, behold the living
ever to arrive!
In the vision, see the proof,
the moving of His hand
as He orchestrates creation
on the river land.

What an awesome escape!
Debby's catching fishes...I'm catching verses...God is so good!
May each of us find such a location.  It is VERY necessary in this busy life!

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