Wednesday, June 25, 2014


For some, 'life' is an opportunity, a chance to minister or to bless others somehow.
For others, 'life' is an inconvenience, an interruption to assist those in need.
Sometimes, it is not until 'life' happens that you find out one's true colors, their 'take' on the situation, and what is truly in the heart.

The telephone rings once more...
(That's what 'I.D.' is for!)
It's Busby once again!
(Sometimes, he's such a pain!)
He may just want to talk,
but, this time, I will balk.
I have too much to do
to listen to his 'boohoo.'

Does it matter what it's for?
I'm called to love them, too;
what am I going to do...
I vowed to give and serve,
and NOT what they deserve!
I'm called to give my best
and God will do the rest.

"Dear God, please forgive me for taking Your calling for granted. 
Please forgive me for hogging all of Your blessings for myself.
I'm sorry that serving and ministering have become an 'inconvenience.'
Please deliver me from myself and put Yourself and others in the forefront of my life again.
In JESUS' Name,

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