Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mighty God

"What a mighty God I serve!"
the psalmist said it well!
His blessed grace has so enabled
even me to tell!
I realize it everywhere,
such beauty to appeal;
and realize it all inside
in the way I feel!

"Mightier You are, oh Lord,
than problems of this earth!
You proved that to me, Father, when
You gave to me new birth!
You prove it to me every day
as I live in Your grace!
You'll prove it then, my Father, when
You take us to That Place!

What a mighty God, indeed,
providing, oh such grace!
I revel in it now, my Lord,
as I look in Your face!
Yea, though mighty, yet so gentle
unto such as we!
Oh mighty God, Your praise so due
will never cease from me!"

What a mighty God.  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD!  He was, He is and He will be everything we need and desire at His own bidding.  Yes, He is THAT real in my life!
How about in yours?

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