Sunday, June 22, 2014


Oh, so many things to write about...
So much to say about Jesus and life with Him!
Let's see...

Have I spoken lately of

the way He comes to me
and asks if there is anything
that He can help me see?
Surely there are many things
that happen everyday
for which, to find an explanation,
I know not the way!
That is why He comes to me
and says "My precious son,
here's the 'how' and here's the 'why'
this very thing was done."

Oh, what precious interaction
'tween the Lord and I
guiding me through situations
'til they are gone by.
His demeanor, gentle so,
no matter what is mine!
Patience, yes, and understanding
does my Lord define!

"Thank You for the way You treat
this child of Yours, oh Lord.
The love and patience of a 'daddy'
do You so afford.
O let me not do anything,
this kinship to destroy;
but, ways to cultivate it, Lord,
o let this man employ!"

I will write about God and the way He takes care of US until I can write no more.  Every one of you have a talent or talents that can be used for His glory.  GO FOR IT!

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