Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here am I

I was told the other day that there was no way I could have written this many poems.  When I said that there were 7000+ pages and documents, the person told me it was impossible.  You know what?  THEY'RE RIGHT!!  It IS impossible for ME to write that many!  But God AND I have done it and are still doing it! 
He is so good to me...

Yea, and would I pen the words
that glorify The Son;
to open up my thoughts and cry
"Your will, alone, be done!"
To set aside my attitudes
and have the mind of Him...
the Holy Spirit, then, to flow
through every one of them!

"Hallelujah, Father, here
am I to so receive
Your precious words unto the hearts
of those who would believe!
I know that when I bow You will
so translate unto me
that which is not audible,
that which I can't see!
Hallelujah, Father, speak
to me now what You will.
I am here for to receive,
yielded, Lord, and still.
Whatever You would say concerning
living here or There,
I would like to hear it, Lord;
please come to me and share!

That's it!  That is the prayer of a pen that is yielded to His moving and His voice.  And God, Jesus Christ, ever-faithful, causes a message to flow!
Have you listened for Him lately?

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