Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hearing Him

Early in the day.  No one is on the beach, but I am definitely not alone!

A balmy day is in the air
walking down the beach.
The Master's voice is in my ear,
I listen to Him teach.
A blessed sight before my eyes:
the endless, crashing waves;
even they are wary of
the fact that Jesus saves!
Yea, as we converse of all
the things concerning me,
the reasons for the things that be
He causes me to see.
And, of the things I cannot see,
He says "My child, peace."
Imploreth He then unto me
to, everything, release.
How can this man hold onto any
of the stresses nigh
with the gentle voice of Him
Who reigneth e'er on high?
Surely does the peace He gives
lift what's pressing me
as, His touch on everything,
He makes sure I can see!

What a wonderful time of fellowship!  I always have an idea of what I want to say to God when we are together, but I can never know exactly what we will talk about.
Are you that open to the moving of Holy Spirit?

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