Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I was reading an article one day and, as I usually do, I wrote down words that I either did not recognize or did not see very often.  After I looked up the meaning of them, I decided to use them in a poem.
After I prayed, here is what came forth:

The wiles of the enemy-
surely they abound.
We shan't be forced to face them, though.
this I have surely found!
Persistently, He comes to dupe
even the Elect!
When dealing with the wily, though,
we must be circumspect!
Awareness of his perfidy
must be when we step out;
to be effective in such facing
we must NEVER doubt!
For he has come to obfuscate
ALL truth that dwells within
and see if we be venal when
it comes to ANY sin!

"O cause us not to dither, Lord,
when we are so approached!
Let that which You have planed deep        
inside not be encroached!
And let me not be stolid, Lord,
to them that be ensnared;
to share with them Your freedom, rather
let me be prepared!!"

Just an exercise in verbiage?  Just an assignment with rare words?  Maybe.  But look at what the Holy Ghost can say with such!

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