Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coming Soon!

Once again, I find myself looking around at life and the results of it, and Holy Spirit reminds me

Arriving on a silver shim
will be my Lord--I wait for Him!
Anticipating, oh, that flight;
make it, Lord, this very night!
Yea, before the light of sun
may we be with the Risen One,
His radiance for to behold
and His beauty, ever told!

"Oh Father, hearken to our prayer!
Come and take us "over there"
upon that bright, celestial shore
where peace will be, forevermore!
Yea, the prayer, Lord, or this one!
Yet not my will but Yours be done.
Help me, 'til then, to do Your will
and keep me, Father, patient still!"

Whatever is happening or not in this life, it is only temporary.  JESUS CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN, and when He does, everything will be made new and right.
Hang in there!

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