Sunday, June 29, 2014


The Word of God tells us that there is warfare being raged in the realm of the spiritual.  Every day, every moment the enemy is using tactics to try and sway us to his side.  Jesus, our Victor, though, is far greater and wiser and will protect what is His!

Let me not be a witness of
the battle for my soul;
shield mine eye from the warfare, Lord,
that I remaineth whole
Safe beneath Your mighty wing,
Father, would I be,
while You and Your awesome Host
are taking care of me!

You send us out as sheep, oh Lord,
into an angry pack,
and, from every angle, God,
have they planned attack!
Oh, but a 'pack' is not a threat
unto a mighty Host
sent to back The Mighty Chief
Who's ever at His post!!

Thank You, Lord, for this defense-
who could realize!
And thank You, Lord, for shielding it
from my very eyes!
Oh let that shield be lowered not,
mine eyes secure to be
as we press onward in the battle,
on to victory!"

There is a battle.  If it is not the kind that you look in front of you and see, it is the one that is going on all around you, constantly, in the realm of the spirit!
Stand firm.  Keep praying.  Stay in The Word...and God will take care of it all!

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