Saturday, June 7, 2014


Here He comes...

The splendor and the glory-

the King in regal dress!
His subjects line celestial route
His Majesty to bless!
Behold Him as He passes by,
the splendor and the pride!
The King in all His stateliness-
behold The Crucified!
His reign, it shall not have an end,
and all authority,
it has been given Him, and He
shall rule with dignity!
Them that shall be with Him are
the saints of now and then:
them that served, them that suffered
at the hands of men!
All of whom have bent the knee
and given Him the heart;
in that Kingdom yet awaiting
each shall have a part!
O, but a Kingdom where is rest,
where all is good and right;
and, in the splendor of The King,
shall everyone delight!

But in the glory of the moment
see His holiness.
Affirm allegiance once again,
His Majesty to bless!

The splendor and the glory of Jesus Christ.  Have you known the reality of it?  The reality of HIM?  He is so real, and the more you desire Him and the closer you get, the more beautiful His Presence becomes!
Don't let ANYTHING prevent you from being with Him!

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