Sunday, June 15, 2014

Above Creation

There is so much more to life than most people imagine.
Close your eyes for a moment and envision

Just above creation
there is a freedom real
that, to so many senses,
has such, such great appeal!
And those He has created to
traverse upon the wing,
they savor that great freedom!
Oh, just listen to them sing!

Yes, just above creation,
creation is, also!
And them that are alive in Him
shall, THAT creation, know!
A Paradise awaits up there
for them that stay the course;
yes, those that are alive in Him
shall know celestial source!

O just above creation
I want to be, don't you?
This habitat we know so well
one day shall have its due!
A heaven and an earth anew,
created by His hand
is waiting for His chosen ones
if we but only stand!

"...and having done all, to stand!"
THE Bible, God's Word, admonishes to accept Jesus Christ alone as our Savior and to stand...after we have done all that we can and all that He commands stand!  And having done this, we shall know THAT Paradise awaiting...just above creation!

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