Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here am I

I was told the other day that there was no way I could have written this many poems.  When I said that there were 7000+ pages and documents, the person told me it was impossible.  You know what?  THEY'RE RIGHT!!  It IS impossible for ME to write that many!  But God AND I have done it and are still doing it! 
He is so good to me...

Yea, and would I pen the words
that glorify The Son;
to open up my thoughts and cry
"Your will, alone, be done!"
To set aside my attitudes
and have the mind of Him...
the Holy Spirit, then, to flow
through every one of them!

"Hallelujah, Father, here
am I to so receive
Your precious words unto the hearts
of those who would believe!
I know that when I bow You will
so translate unto me
that which is not audible,
that which I can't see!
Hallelujah, Father, speak
to me now what You will.
I am here for to receive,
yielded, Lord, and still.
Whatever You would say concerning
living here or There,
I would like to hear it, Lord;
please come to me and share!

That's it!  That is the prayer of a pen that is yielded to His moving and His voice.  And God, Jesus Christ, ever-faithful, causes a message to flow!
Have you listened for Him lately?


The Word of God tells us that there is warfare being raged in the realm of the spiritual.  Every day, every moment the enemy is using tactics to try and sway us to his side.  Jesus, our Victor, though, is far greater and wiser and will protect what is His!

Let me not be a witness of
the battle for my soul;
shield mine eye from the warfare, Lord,
that I remaineth whole
Safe beneath Your mighty wing,
Father, would I be,
while You and Your awesome Host
are taking care of me!

You send us out as sheep, oh Lord,
into an angry pack,
and, from every angle, God,
have they planned attack!
Oh, but a 'pack' is not a threat
unto a mighty Host
sent to back The Mighty Chief
Who's ever at His post!!

Thank You, Lord, for this defense-
who could realize!
And thank You, Lord, for shielding it
from my very eyes!
Oh let that shield be lowered not,
mine eyes secure to be
as we press onward in the battle,
on to victory!"

There is a battle.  If it is not the kind that you look in front of you and see, it is the one that is going on all around you, constantly, in the realm of the spirit!
Stand firm.  Keep praying.  Stay in The Word...and God will take care of it all!

The Greatest!

"You are good and You are great-there is no other!
You favor me, You are closer than a brother!
The love You have for me, for nothing may compare;
there is no way to tally everything You share!

You are good and You are great, oh Lord and Master!
You are right beside in ecstasy or disaster!
Your guidance and Your wisdom--each step to ordain;
You see to my promotion, You guarantee my gain.

'OH YOU ARE GOOD AND YOU ARE GREAT' my soul to ever cry!
My spirit even for to sing, Your grace to magnify!
You are high and You are holy, there is none like You!
You are gracious to bow low and bless Your chosen few!"

God is THE Greatest in all creation!  He was even Greatest BEFORE creation!  No, I don't understand it either, but I understand that it is true!  Allow Him first place in your heart and life and watch Him prove Himself to be greater than anything You can imagine!

Coming Soon!

Once again, I find myself looking around at life and the results of it, and Holy Spirit reminds me

Arriving on a silver shim
will be my Lord--I wait for Him!
Anticipating, oh, that flight;
make it, Lord, this very night!
Yea, before the light of sun
may we be with the Risen One,
His radiance for to behold
and His beauty, ever told!

"Oh Father, hearken to our prayer!
Come and take us "over there"
upon that bright, celestial shore
where peace will be, forevermore!
Yea, the prayer, Lord, or this one!
Yet not my will but Yours be done.
Help me, 'til then, to do Your will
and keep me, Father, patient still!"

Whatever is happening or not in this life, it is only temporary.  JESUS CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN, and when He does, everything will be made new and right.
Hang in there!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Donkey Poem

Everyone is comfortable,
set fast in their ways;
living in their private world
in these final days.
Everybody knows his place
and what is right and wrong,
so on our donkeys do we sit
and slowly move along. 

As we go and do the things
that we know we must do,
with ease we notice things that must
be done by others, too.
There are shut-ins to be visited
the church has welcomed in.
I'd ride my donkey to their homes,
but that's for Brother Ken. 

Brother Steve said that the youth group
is really growing fast!
I saw there many kids as I,
upon my donkey, passed.
He sends the call unto us all:
he sure could use a hand.
But....I am worn out from my work,
I know he'll understand! 

The pastor said to make a point,
with visitors, to share.
One new family came today,
they're standing over there.
The pastor's talking with them now,
so very glad they came;
so, on my donkey, I'll sneak out,
go home and watch the game.    

So many ways to work for HIM,
all striving for ONE goal.
Everybody knows his place,
but do we know in whole?
There is so much that must be done
by us unto the masses;
it's not for anybody else--
we must get off our donkeys!

Are these words speaking to anyone?  They were certainly written with a motive, but God and the Holy Spirit continue to amaze me with how They use them!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014


For some, 'life' is an opportunity, a chance to minister or to bless others somehow.
For others, 'life' is an inconvenience, an interruption to assist those in need.
Sometimes, it is not until 'life' happens that you find out one's true colors, their 'take' on the situation, and what is truly in the heart.

The telephone rings once more...
(That's what 'I.D.' is for!)
It's Busby once again!
(Sometimes, he's such a pain!)
He may just want to talk,
but, this time, I will balk.
I have too much to do
to listen to his 'boohoo.'

Does it matter what it's for?
I'm called to love them, too;
what am I going to do...
I vowed to give and serve,
and NOT what they deserve!
I'm called to give my best
and God will do the rest.

"Dear God, please forgive me for taking Your calling for granted. 
Please forgive me for hogging all of Your blessings for myself.
I'm sorry that serving and ministering have become an 'inconvenience.'
Please deliver me from myself and put Yourself and others in the forefront of my life again.
In JESUS' Name,

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Oh, so many things to write about...
So much to say about Jesus and life with Him!
Let's see...

Have I spoken lately of

the way He comes to me
and asks if there is anything
that He can help me see?
Surely there are many things
that happen everyday
for which, to find an explanation,
I know not the way!
That is why He comes to me
and says "My precious son,
here's the 'how' and here's the 'why'
this very thing was done."

Oh, what precious interaction
'tween the Lord and I
guiding me through situations
'til they are gone by.
His demeanor, gentle so,
no matter what is mine!
Patience, yes, and understanding
does my Lord define!

"Thank You for the way You treat
this child of Yours, oh Lord.
The love and patience of a 'daddy'
do You so afford.
O let me not do anything,
this kinship to destroy;
but, ways to cultivate it, Lord,
o let this man employ!"

I will write about God and the way He takes care of US until I can write no more.  Every one of you have a talent or talents that can be used for His glory.  GO FOR IT!

Breaking the cycle!

Only perfect love can break
the bonds of bitterness.
Only 'action' breaks the hate
preventing one to bless!
But practicing the ways of love
a way of life can make!
O love each other, everyone,
for God's and your own sake!

Love is omni-powerful,
and it shall overcome!
Bless ye one another and
His glory be the sum!
Even if you don't believe
reject hate anyway!
If but to make a better world,
and alter someone's day!

For hatred cannot drive out hate,
only love can do it.
Reject your animosities
and, God, He will see to it!
The only thing preventing love
is that to which you cling.
Turn it over unto God
and harmony will ring!

It sounds so easy, doesn't it?  It IS easy, isn't it?  NOT!  It takes calling out to God and submitting to Jesus.  He will work with you to break those cycles.  He can break through those callous layers and give you a brand new heart!  AND HE WANTS TO!
Are you going to let Him?

Hearing Him

Early in the day.  No one is on the beach, but I am definitely not alone!

A balmy day is in the air
walking down the beach.
The Master's voice is in my ear,
I listen to Him teach.
A blessed sight before my eyes:
the endless, crashing waves;
even they are wary of
the fact that Jesus saves!
Yea, as we converse of all
the things concerning me,
the reasons for the things that be
He causes me to see.
And, of the things I cannot see,
He says "My child, peace."
Imploreth He then unto me
to, everything, release.
How can this man hold onto any
of the stresses nigh
with the gentle voice of Him
Who reigneth e'er on high?
Surely does the peace He gives
lift what's pressing me
as, His touch on everything,
He makes sure I can see!

What a wonderful time of fellowship!  I always have an idea of what I want to say to God when we are together, but I can never know exactly what we will talk about.
Are you that open to the moving of Holy Spirit?

The Word Within

God is so good!
You know that...if only from hearing it from this writer so often!

And part of that Goodness is Jesus Christ and His life inside every time I part the pages of The Bible---Jesus Christ in word...

"Come now, oh Word of Christ, and with

all wisdom so indwell!
Be that fire in my soul
that not a thing can quell!

Richly, oh Lord, in all wisdom,
be alive in me;
song and hymn and grace inside
my heart wilt Thou now be?

The very holy Word of God--
it is life to this man!
I open and devour it
as often as I can!
It causes me to grow in ways
that nothing else can do;
it is alive in power and
'twill e'er remain so true!

O Word of God, come use this man

to edify the rest;
to build them and encourage them
that they, too, will be blessed!
Evermore alive in me,
cause me, Thy Life, to share
that they be drawn into that realm
of life beyond compare!"

That Life.  it is life abundant if you make Jesus Your Savior and read His Word every day.  His Word, the Bible.  It is Jesus Christ alive in your hands.  Never take it for granted!
These words were written after I read Colossians 3:16, 17

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What are Words?

I could list achievements that some might envy...but they are only 'awards.'
I could list a few other things that have been 'earned,' but they are fleeting.
I could tell you that I am writing #7720, but they are only words!  And being 'only words,' how do you describe it to God...

"Though I speak of You in rhyme,
the blessings of You all the time,
the beauty of You every day-
how can diction so convey?!
Yea, though daily I may try
to pen the beauty in my eye,
to term what is inside my heart,
human language dare not start!
So beyond description fine
is that inside this heart of mine
since, in there, You came to dwell-
yea, no human tongue can tell!
'Tis known alone to God above-
You-synonymous with 'love;'
the only One to comprehend
those words that flow without an end!
Without an end, indeed, oh Lord,
just like Your precious love outpoured
without measure, without end-
Your love, Lord, that will e'er descend!
Speaking of Your love for me
forevermore, Lord, will I be.
Allow me NOT the perfect word
lest, from Your praise, I be deterred!"

Only words...true.  But look what Holy Spirit can say through 'those words!'
Again, God has given each one of us with individual gifts.  Never take them for granted, and always use them for His glory!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Only One!

Once again pondering life...
And again, the depths of me must cry out

"My Lord, You are the ONLY One!
Let Your will in my life be done;
every moment of the day
I submit unto Your way!
My Lord, I lay myself aside.
Let all my 'self,' Lord, be denied
and lead my steps unto Your way;
I give myself to You this day!
I give unto You everything.
Show me those things to which I cling
so I'll release them, fast and free!
Hear, oh Lord, mine humble plea!

I do not want a thing to be
in my life that would hinder me
from receiving all that's mine
from my Risen Lord divine!
I give myself to You, indeed;
and, as I do, my Lord, I'm freed
from all the bondage of this world!
Asunder have my chains been hurled!

The blessings in You, Lord, to be:
peace and love and victory,
salvation, hope, forgiveness, joy...
in You, Lord, freely I enjoy!

Jesus Christ--the only One,
the King of kings, God's own Son!
Submission unto You fore'er--
my risen Lord, this is my prayer!"

I cannot live without Jesus.  I do not even want to try!  He is so much an integral part of all that I do.  He loves me, He blesses me, He corrects me, He disciplines me...all because He cares!  I hope that the way I feel about Him can be seen, felt and heard in the words that come from within!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I was reading an article one day and, as I usually do, I wrote down words that I either did not recognize or did not see very often.  After I looked up the meaning of them, I decided to use them in a poem.
After I prayed, here is what came forth:

The wiles of the enemy-
surely they abound.
We shan't be forced to face them, though.
this I have surely found!
Persistently, He comes to dupe
even the Elect!
When dealing with the wily, though,
we must be circumspect!
Awareness of his perfidy
must be when we step out;
to be effective in such facing
we must NEVER doubt!
For he has come to obfuscate
ALL truth that dwells within
and see if we be venal when
it comes to ANY sin!

"O cause us not to dither, Lord,
when we are so approached!
Let that which You have planed deep        
inside not be encroached!
And let me not be stolid, Lord,
to them that be ensnared;
to share with them Your freedom, rather
let me be prepared!!"

Just an exercise in verbiage?  Just an assignment with rare words?  Maybe.  But look at what the Holy Ghost can say with such!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Above Creation

There is so much more to life than most people imagine.
Close your eyes for a moment and envision

Just above creation
there is a freedom real
that, to so many senses,
has such, such great appeal!
And those He has created to
traverse upon the wing,
they savor that great freedom!
Oh, just listen to them sing!

Yes, just above creation,
creation is, also!
And them that are alive in Him
shall, THAT creation, know!
A Paradise awaits up there
for them that stay the course;
yes, those that are alive in Him
shall know celestial source!

O just above creation
I want to be, don't you?
This habitat we know so well
one day shall have its due!
A heaven and an earth anew,
created by His hand
is waiting for His chosen ones
if we but only stand!

"...and having done all, to stand!"
THE Bible, God's Word, admonishes to accept Jesus Christ alone as our Savior and to stand...after we have done all that we can and all that He commands stand!  And having done this, we shall know THAT Paradise awaiting...just above creation!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day, 2014

Father's Day, 2014...hmmm...where are the words?
Truth be told, there are plenty of words available for the man that I call "Daddy!"  I could comb through 8,100 pages of past and easily find ones dedicated to him...but that just doesn't seem right...doesn't seem "fair."
That man who knew every answer and how to fix everything...that indestructible man that helped raise me...the one who never got tired, this Father's Day he is very fragile and very tired.  And it hurts.
That which I vowed to do years ago, that which my wife set her heart on as soon as she met them, my brother and his wife are having the honor of doing, and I must love them from a distance.

Too many miles find themselves
between me and that man!
To be this far from dad and mom
was never in the plan!
To love them from a distance
is painful and so real!
And more than verses finding life-
they're words and lines that "feel!"

Can 'honor' be detected in words
written far away?
Can 'respect' be known in full
if I'm not "there" to say?
Can 'admiration' be recorded
and received afar?
"Daddy, all of this plus 'love'
is what, to me, you are!

I always thought that mere 'excuses'
keep loved ones apart,
but now that I am not as young
I can see the heart!
I want to be there of a truth
to celebrate this day,
but once more, dad, reality
is keeping us away."

All of you who can be with your dads this Father's Day, thank God for it, be there and enjoy them, and never, EVER take them for granted!

Mighty God

"What a mighty God I serve!"
the psalmist said it well!
His blessed grace has so enabled
even me to tell!
I realize it everywhere,
such beauty to appeal;
and realize it all inside
in the way I feel!

"Mightier You are, oh Lord,
than problems of this earth!
You proved that to me, Father, when
You gave to me new birth!
You prove it to me every day
as I live in Your grace!
You'll prove it then, my Father, when
You take us to That Place!

What a mighty God, indeed,
providing, oh such grace!
I revel in it now, my Lord,
as I look in Your face!
Yea, though mighty, yet so gentle
unto such as we!
Oh mighty God, Your praise so due
will never cease from me!"

What a mighty God.  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD!  He was, He is and He will be everything we need and desire at His own bidding.  Yes, He is THAT real in my life!
How about in yours?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Early Morn

Normally, I have no trouble sleeping.  Normally.
However, on occasion I find myself wide awake when I should be fast asleep...

And yea, though I may be deprived
of my very sleep;
for whatever reason, oh
so sound I cannot keep...
though I be on my feet then when
the sun is far away,
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
is at my side to stay!

"Yea, Lord, though I toss and turn
and finally arise
in the very hours that
the moonlight magnifies,
there You are, my Father, with
Your ever-listening ear
making sure I'm not alone,
eliminating fear!"

Though I be stressed and anxious, yet
my Father changes not!
And I am led to call on Him
and ask for what He's got:
comfort and serenity,
mercy, peace and love.
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ-
He stays not up above!

This was written years ago.  A few years after my career with the grocery store ended.  A career that had me on night crew preparing the store for the next day.  It was during those shifts that God and I had some quite interesting conversations.  We still have those conversations, because He is just as real right now as He was matter what the hour may be!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Spiritual Battle

"Psst, did you hear about...."
"Hey, did you see what ________ did?!"
etc., etc., etc....

"O teach me not to judge, oh Lord,
from rumors I have heard.
Show me not to be critical
from someone else's word.
Help me not base my love for someone
on somebody's mood;
cause me to have, Lord, constantly,
Thy perfect attitude.
Help me to see them through THINE eyes
and no one else's, Lord.
Let all temptations that I have
to judge them be ignored!
Let nothing that would cause them more pain
pass across these lips!
Instead, let caring and concern
come in our fellowships!
There is enough pain being caused
by what is going on.
Oh Lord, let Christian caring, on
this situation, dawn.
And Lord, cause those who are involved
to fall upon their faces
and so implore, from Thee, oh Lord,
Thy wisdom and Thy graces!"

"Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so unto them."   Matthew 7:12a

Sunday, June 8, 2014


By candlelight the other morning I was able to pen the following words.  It was by candlelight due to the intensity of the storm that was going on.  A lot of damage was done in a lot of places.

Bless the Lord, o my soul,
beyond the forecast nigh!
You are worthy of my worship,
You are God Most High!
All the ways of You are good
and You have good in store!
All my days will I exalt You,
love You and adore!

Bless the Lord, o my soul,
and, with life, harmonize!
For You are good eternally,
for always realize!
There is not another Lord
to whom I'll ever bow!
I give You glory, adoration
always, even now!

Storms in life are not a matter of "if," the are a matter of "when."  I knew that there was danger and damage, but my heart could only cry out the goodness of the Lord and belonging to Him!
What are your storms like?  What is your heart-cry in said storms?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bank

What a beautiful place!
I needed to be here after the week that we have had!

In the silence at the river-

hear the multitude of noise...
count the sights and sounds existing
'mongst the wealthiest of joys!
The ebb and flow of that so living-
on a paper to contain?
In the lack of all that living
life--it is so far from 'plain!'

In the silence of the river-
gone, the rumble and the roar;
present be the song of silence
in the air and on the shore.
Too, the water be alive,
(other than the current strong,)
with the fishes that are jumping
and the cranes that glide along.

In the silence--the cacophony
of life alive.
In the noise, behold the living
ever to arrive!
In the vision, see the proof,
the moving of His hand
as He orchestrates creation
on the river land.

What an awesome escape!
Debby's catching fishes...I'm catching verses...God is so good!
May each of us find such a location.  It is VERY necessary in this busy life!


Here He comes...

The splendor and the glory-

the King in regal dress!
His subjects line celestial route
His Majesty to bless!
Behold Him as He passes by,
the splendor and the pride!
The King in all His stateliness-
behold The Crucified!
His reign, it shall not have an end,
and all authority,
it has been given Him, and He
shall rule with dignity!
Them that shall be with Him are
the saints of now and then:
them that served, them that suffered
at the hands of men!
All of whom have bent the knee
and given Him the heart;
in that Kingdom yet awaiting
each shall have a part!
O, but a Kingdom where is rest,
where all is good and right;
and, in the splendor of The King,
shall everyone delight!

But in the glory of the moment
see His holiness.
Affirm allegiance once again,
His Majesty to bless!

The splendor and the glory of Jesus Christ.  Have you known the reality of it?  The reality of HIM?  He is so real, and the more you desire Him and the closer you get, the more beautiful His Presence becomes!
Don't let ANYTHING prevent you from being with Him!

The fight...

"'s a battle."
That's the response I often got when I asked an older Christian long ago how he was doing.  He often said that, so, out of ignorance, I stopped asking.
Years later, I had to contact him and apologize for my attitude.  It was MY turn to have said reply when asked!

Once more into the battle;

I am equipped by HIM!
Today--it will contain attacks
by the likes of THEM!
The enemy lays wait in places
we do not expect,
but, to the Victor, I belong--
ALL life does He inspect!

The battle--it is physical
and spiritual, also.
At HIS leading, at HIS word
we mount up and we go!
Ever-forward in the fight
that soon will have an end;
until then, do not compromise,
but care for foe and friend!

Once more into the battle-
the same is every day...
and we must ever be on guard
upon the Narrow Way!
The enemy is full of craft,
corruption and deceit,
and only in Christ Jesus Lord
His ways can we defeat!

Yes, it is a battle.  But since we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ the Victor, we do not have to and will not be defeated!
How's it going with you?