Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Worship without question

All the day to worship Him
and praise His mighty Name!
He is worthy of our time,
but our whole lives to claim!
He is holy, He is mighty!
Beautiful is He!
He is perfect at all times;
questions, though, to be...

"You are holy!  I am human-
I don't understand!
You are great and mighty and
You hold me in Your hand.
Worthy and so wonderful,
omniscient, Lord, You are!
In control of everything;
questions, though, they are...

Questions, they arise because
these needs are yet to grow.
Questions, they arise because
the pain I feel and know!
Questions, they arise because
I cannot see what's done!
Questions, they arise and yet,
Lord, You remain THE ONE!

All the day to worship You
and cling to You alone.
Questions--they diminish as
Your Presence, it is known.
And through the pain, through the lack,
through uncertainty,
I will worship only You,
though answers may not be!

Trust.  Do I trust God enough to answer my prayer?  Am I mature enough to accept HIS answer if it is not the one that I have been asking for?
God answers prayer.  Every prayer.  He is not a puppet.  He will answer my prayer with what He sees as best for my life--at the moment or in the long run.
I must trust Him.

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