Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wise woman

The miles that come between...excuses?
I have access to her in the palm of my hand.  Is that close enough?
Email...text...snail mail...sufficient?  Of course not!
The passion she's invested-

what have I returned?
Sacrifices even yet...
what has this man learned?
She still has answers that suffice,
even though she's old;
(and when the rhymes come out that way
she still knows how to scold!)

The years she has invested-
By me she has been tested,
(and yet the trials be!)
Continues she to conquer every
challenge on the way,
continues she to be the reason
there is "Mother's Day!

All that she has invested-
far more than word or verse,
but it's all that this man has to give...
almost seems like a curse!

I am a man of words.  You are bearing witness of that right now.  People all over the world contact me.  Some of them even pay me to put words together.  My mother can see right through all of that, but she knows my heart.  She's been dwelling there for over half a century!

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