Monday, May 19, 2014


The other evening, church was just about to begin when we got hit with a violent thunderstorm!  After the service started, it seemed like the rain just kept coming in waves!  At times, the rain was so loud that we had to stop until we could hear each other again, and so I wrote

In between barrages
we worship You, o Lord!
The storms WILL come, this we know,
but Life will You afford!
Behind the brief protection
we see Your wonders wield!
It's all so very beautiful,
(as long as there be shield!)

In spite of the barrages,
our worship, it be true!
You ride upon the very storm,
its loyal unto You!
You mark the path of lightning bolts,
You chart the water's course;
thunder thunders of Your greatness!

Father God Creator,
rider on the storm,
we exalt You long before
the currents even form!
And even when the blessings of
the terror come to be,
we will worship KNOWING You
control eternity!"

The storm did pass.  THAT one.  We finished church and all had time to get home safely before the next one hit. 
And God is still God.  Creator God.  Continue to trust Him is spite of whatever storm there may or may not be in your life.  He will NEVER let you down!

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