Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Sing, sing, sing, sing...
hear the jubilation!
All the melodies of heart
bring to the celebration!
Glory unto Jesus Christ!
Glory to the King!
He is holy, He is worthy!
Sing, ye living, sing!

   Song of living, song of life,
   melodies alive,
   upon the same will Christ the King
   so willingly arrive!
   Jesus, Son of God Most high!
   Jesus, God the Son!
   Sing, sing, sing, sing!
   The music has begun!

"God the Father, God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit!"
Sing that so alive in heart
so everyone may hear it!
So glorious, the melody
that is the Risen Lord!
"Jesus, Jesus we sing our
to You in one accord!"

If you are not singing Jesus every day then you are missing a beautiful and glorious part of life!
You don't feel like singing?  That's when you need to do it most!

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