Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Over and over in The Bible, God's Word, we see how He continues to take us back when we reject Him, sin against Him or break His rules.  This is especially visible in the Life of David.
After studying this and discussing this with other men one evening, I had to later cry out

"Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus
unto Whom I turn,
forgive me, Lord, for I repent;
please hasten, I will learn!
I know that there are consequences
for what I have done;
I cry out, though, that they be quick!
Lord, I refuse to run!
I refuse to make excuses-
I KNOW I am wrong!
Though I enjoyed the pleasures, I felt
You there, all along.
I turned my back on You and sought
the pleasures of the day.
now here am I, upon my face,
I'm ready to obey.

You, alone, to know the depth
of what has taken place.
You to know the travesty
that I have made of "grace!"
But for the same would I cry out!
Oh hear this, my lament!
See me as even I cannot;
Lord Jesus, I repent."

God's grace is incredible, but there are still repercussions for our sins.  Ask for His grace.
God's mercy is absolutely necessary for us to make it through life, but there are affects for our careless actions.  Cry out for His mercy!
God's grace and mercy.  By-products of His of the few certainties we have left in this life.

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