Thursday, May 1, 2014


I see my brother wandering,
He knows not where to go.
I know what He is looking for,
I know which way to show...

I see my brother wandering
as I did many years.
I know the way he feels inside,
I know what calms the fears...

I see my brother wandering,
I see his fading hope.
I know he's close to giving up
but I can help him cope!

"I see my brother wandering,
oh Jesus, go with me.
As I extend a hand to him
Your nail-prints may he see!
As I look into his eyes,
Lord, let him see Your face;
as I open up my heart,
Lord, bathe him in Your grace!
For there is nothing of myself
his situation change,
however, Lord, Your saving grace-
His future rearrange!
O be in me that I can be
a vessel of Your love,
that he would rise and glorify
Our Father up above!"

"There's nothing I can do about it."
How many of us have looked at someone or some situation and aid this?  Truth be told, we are the ONLY ones who can do anything about it!!
The Pharisee looks around and says "Then who is my brother?"
The servant looks around and says "Who can I help next?"

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