Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Hope!

"Come quickly!  O come quickly!"
Again, the heart to cry.
The world of spirit is abuzz
and we are poised to fly!
We long to see our Heaven home,
we long for yonder view;
but, Lord, the longing most of all
is just to be with You!

"Come quickly!  O come quickly!"
I cry throughout the day!
Be there in all activities,
reminding me of aye!
So much is there to do today
but You remain the most!
O my God, come quickly as
we worship You and boast!

Come quickly!  O come quickly,
our future and our Hope!
You cause us, Lord, to prosper;
You cause us, Lord, to cope!
You give us everything we need
to make it through the day.
Come quickly, oh come quickly, Lord,
You are the ONLY Way!

The Word again tells us that no matter how bad things look, we are to retain hope and cry out "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"
This world is full of uncertainties, but His Word is full of certainties.  Not the least of which is the promise of His return! 
Stand firm.

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