Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Once again, I find some pieces of paper that were written months ago, in a different season, seeming to be in a different world.
However, since God is not seasonal, I will send them because they are all for HIS glory anyway!

Good morning to You, Father.  See Your
glory on the Way!
November finally to see
Your colors on display!
The 'seizing' in the vision
of all upon the land!
None be there for to deny
the works, Lord, of Your hand!

The eyes to surely celebrate,
but, Father, so much more!
Beyond, beyond the windows, the
thermometer to snore!
Even in the friends upon
the wing a gentler song.
Autumn bidding "See the glory!"
as life goes along!

Good morning, Father God Creator,
thank You for today!
You are Life!  We anticipate
Your touch upon the Way!
Never take away Your hand
from living, so alive!
Take me along.  I will follow;
in Your grace, arrive!"

Did I just 'misplace' these pages, or did God put them where they needed to be because someone needed to hear this today?

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