Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial, 2014

How many are the ones who went,
now gone?
the list goes on.
But not at all "just a list,"
but loved ones, near and dear!
No matter where and when--
we honor them NOW and HERE!

Thank You to the families
yet to understand.
Gratitude to them whose lives
may not have gone as planned.
Thank You to those who set themselves
aside for such as we
fighting for their country in
the name of liberty.
In honor of America-
yet all around the earth...
in honor of their citizens-
because they have great worth...
In memory of all who gave
what no one else could give-
their actions and their deeds of honor
shall forever live.
And the gratitude we have alive,
too, shall remain!
May we see and thank each one
when Heaven is our gain.

When Heaven is our gain.   When Heaven is our gain.  For some of them, Heaven is already being enjoyed.  They've already heard "Well done, good and faithful servant!"
Have they heard the same from our hearts?

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