Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Life is a vision.
What we go through defines what we see.
If it is decided that God is The Creator, then He will be visible in each creation.
What do you see? 

Enjoying the kaleidoscope
That is the first to see—
For every time, rays of hope
Come in variety!
For always is alive The Word
Made flesh and in all things…
Oh, even the kaleidoscope,
In spirit, brightly sings! 

Life—it has a melody,
Life—it has a tune,
Life—it is beyond account,
Therefore enjoy, commune! 

And once more the kaleidoscope
Is focused very fine,
Completely covering the east,
Behold the grand design!
Explain it not away, o pen,
Nor purpose to confine,
Seek alone narration, each
Emotion to define!

Do not, I implore you, do not confine THE infinite God to the parameters that some have assigned Him!  No matter what we go through today, He will be right there with us...even through the worst of storms!Look and see Him in all that you must do today!

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