Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just a resident?

"There they go again.  They walk by my door and don't even look in.  Are they afraid of me?  I don't bite.  I don't "have something" that they might catch.  I just want to say hello.  I just want to talk.
Doesn't anyone have time?

There you go again...
here do I remain.
How many are the passers-by
who truly know "this pain?"
Just look at me!  Say 'hi' to me!
Just wave as you go by!
You won't "catch what I have,"
and I promise you won't die!

But there you go again...

continue down the halls...
The nurses, they look in at me
as I stare at the walls.
I know that you have time or you
would not be in this place!
How long does it take to wave
or look into my face?!

But there you go again...
and I remain alone.
Do you fear that, in interaction,
YOUR heart will be known?
Well, I still have a heart and it
so longs for company!
Keep walking.  If you change your mind,
you know where I will be."

I won't ask if you know anyone that this relates to, because I KNOW that we all do.  There are friends and loved ones that have been "put away" and forgotten about.  Yes, I am well aware of all of the "politically correct" terms for this, but we can all do better in treating our elderly with the respect that they deserve!

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