Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Have I prayed?

So many issues in the day...have I prayed?
Such major issues on The He swayed?
Desires and necessities--He knows them all!
He orders every step if we obey His call!

That which be so pressing,
(important to the mind,)
He has already settled it,
what's best for us we'll find.
And that which He deems best, we may
not always understand;
oh, but this I know--I am secure
inside of His great hand!

Oh so many issues-
have I gone to prayer?
Jesus has the answers
and He is everywhere!
I must completely trust Him-
one direction for to go;
I must continue forward,
His will and way to know!

Jesus said that in the last days men will call what is evil "good" and call what is good "evil."  That which was evil or immoral in the past is now acceptable and actually encouraged.
Have I prayed?

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