Friday, May 9, 2014

Gift from God!

So beautiful-first thing in the morning;
so beneficial all throughout the day;
the mother of my children-so proficient-
the woman of The Word upon display!
Knowing how to handle disappointments...
seeing ways of turning them around;
what she does may not always be 'perfect,'
but the perfect wife, for me, He's found!

Yes, it is Mother's Day again.  And though the woman I am married to is not my mother, she does deserve honor and gifts from me, too!  She is worth it!  I feel she is worth it...our children know she is worth it...and several others feel that way, too.  That is the affect and influence she has on her world!
Can you say the same about your wife?
Men, make sure that the woman who bore your children feels as special as the one who bore you.

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