Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gathering dust?

Deeper, deeper once again
into The Truth alive!
I know that, soon, upon the answer
I will sure arrive!
Deep and wide His Majesty
for His Own to find,
and never be the opportune
that I should be resigned!
For there is not a situation,
premise--good or strife--
that can't be dealt with in His Presence
He Himself is LIFE!
And that which be abiding deep
that He, alone, possesses-
we must seek His direction lest
they all be utter messes!         

Deeper, deeper in The Bible,
God's anointed Word!
There, alone, be His instructions
for life clearly heard!
Jesus Christ, the Word alive
and dwelling deep inside-
Holy Spirit bring to life
what God has prophesied!
And so the depth that I would seek
for this day be obtained!
Manna, yes, for one more day;
His level to attain!

Open up The Bible!  Read it!  Don't let it just sit there on the shelf...on the desk until next Sunday!  His Word is alive and full of what we need to make it through this life, through that situation, through each moment of the day! 
Read God's Word, the Bible.  READ IT!

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