Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forever Youth?

"God is so good!"
How can I convey that?
What can words do to help others to KNOW that God is so good? 
What if I use those words to glorify Him and talk about the goodness that He has filled my life with?
What if I pointed out parts of life that grow truer with each new day?

I was young, but not I'm not.
How that happened, I forgot!
The girl I married years ago
is now the closest friend I know!
I have emotions, this I know.
(For knowing her has proven so!)
Character and dignity-
she has fostered such in me;
passion, pride and self-esteem
develops also in this dream!

I was longer, though.
Don't ask me how.  I do not know!
But I do know the fullness of
a man and woman deep in love!
For such developed and has grown
with every precious moment known.
And as I know such love in truth,
will ever disappear sweet youth?

There is a lot that I do not remember.  But there is a lot that I still recall and cling to dearly!  And it only takes a glimpse, a scent, a whisper to remind me that God gave me one of the most wonderful women ever created!

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