Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Early glory!

What a beautiful day!  Take a moment to notice it...

Oh the glory of creation
in the early light!
The beauty of the winter scape
borne throughout the night!
In the silence of the scape
Creator God to speak
truths pertaining to the day
in voices so unique!
So many stages are the waters
that would fascinate!
Contemplating each would cause
the heart to celebrate!
Celebrate His Majesty--
Creator God alone!
The beauty, o so very bold,
by HIS touch is it known!

Yes, in the glory of creation

God, He is so real!
Even in  the silence, hear
creation's great appeal!
It sings, it shouts, it resonates,
yes, even to the soul!
Creator God creating-
hear and see the life extol!!

Yes, now the glory of creation
in the early light.
Add your voices to the glory,
cause the Lord delight!

Creator God creating. 
Don't miss the wonder of it!  Don't ignore the reality of it!  Don't forget to thank Him for it!  He is worthy!

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