Monday, May 12, 2014


The disappointment of the news,
the pain to generate...
But God knew all about it,
and God-He is so great!
His arms, for they encompass us
as we receive the word;
He receives the pain, as well,
from that which we have heard.

"But I don't understand this!!
We serve You without question,
and THIS becomes our share?!
We stand upon Your Promises...
Your Word we dine upon...
But God, but God, sometimes it seems
that all of that is gone!"

"Father God, but here am I,
oh pick me up once more.
Take me in Your healing arms
and, all of me, restore!
I cannot see the plan You have,
but it is good, I know.
You, alone, to make the sense,
that, from this, we can grow."

So many situations and distractions in the day that pull us, sway us, distract us and downright harass us as we press forward (or attempt to) on the Straight and Narrow.

I get frustrated.  You get frustrated.  But we serve a God Who is touched by our frustrations, but not thrown off the course that He has settled for each of us.
These words were written after listening to a young lady pour out her heart to us one evening.  Please join us in prayer for her, won't you?


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