Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alarm Clock

Another night of solid, restful sleep?  For some.

The storm is finally over;

the sky to silent be.
Remaining is the same...but many
miles away to see!
Even is the song of birds
beginning through the limbs,
minding of the Heaven voices
in their living hymns!

The storm is finally over-
this time, only rain.
The thunder and the lightning were,
but water be our gain
Wonderful, the lesson for us
(if we will attend,)
God is at the onset,
in the middle, at the end.
And stable are His promises,
assurances and cares.
The storm, no matter scale,
He will help us with repairs;
and there will be a song resounding,
echoing His grace
regardless of the storm or what
it may do to this place!

The storm is finally over-

repair already is begun,
and life, it is to be!

I have lived where there are earthquakes.  I have lived where they have hurricanes and incredible rainstorms, and I have lived where there are tornadoes.
There is one constant in each of those places: the Presence of God and His ability to heal and repair.  And regarding that constant, He will always repair or replace with something better than what was before the storm.  I've been through too many storms to know otherwise!
I know that there are folks reading this on a borrowed computer or in a temporary place because of the storm.  I beg you to continue to trust!!  Even when you have no clue what your next step is, HE DOES!!   Trust Him!

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