Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Day in the life...

It's getting late.
It would be all too easy to skip this, shut everything down and go to bed, but something is so heavy on my heart that I just have to write about it...or HER!
Mother's Day. 
Another Mother's Day.
I must point out that my mother is not the only one to receive honor on this day.  My wife is worthy, too.  She is the mother of my children, yes.  And a very fine one!  But I am learning that the more my brain does what it does, the more she has to treat me like a child.  I listen to her talk to my mother or to our children about me, and I don't know who she is talking about!  "Did I really do that?!"  "Am I REALLY that way?!"
Yes, I am very blessed to have a mother who is worthy of honor.  Thank you, momma.  And I am VERY fortunate that God blessed me with a wife who must, at times, assume the same role.  Thank you, honey.
"And thank YOU, Father God, for putting these two incredible women in my life!!"

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