Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial, 2014

How many are the ones who went,
now gone?
the list goes on.
But not at all "just a list,"
but loved ones, near and dear!
No matter where and when--
we honor them NOW and HERE!

Thank You to the families
yet to understand.
Gratitude to them whose lives
may not have gone as planned.
Thank You to those who set themselves
aside for such as we
fighting for their country in
the name of liberty.
In honor of America-
yet all around the earth...
in honor of their citizens-
because they have great worth...
In memory of all who gave
what no one else could give-
their actions and their deeds of honor
shall forever live.
And the gratitude we have alive,
too, shall remain!
May we see and thank each one
when Heaven is our gain.

When Heaven is our gain.   When Heaven is our gain.  For some of them, Heaven is already being enjoyed.  They've already heard "Well done, good and faithful servant!"
Have they heard the same from our hearts?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just a resident?

"There they go again.  They walk by my door and don't even look in.  Are they afraid of me?  I don't bite.  I don't "have something" that they might catch.  I just want to say hello.  I just want to talk.
Doesn't anyone have time?

There you go again...
here do I remain.
How many are the passers-by
who truly know "this pain?"
Just look at me!  Say 'hi' to me!
Just wave as you go by!
You won't "catch what I have,"
and I promise you won't die!

But there you go again...

continue down the halls...
The nurses, they look in at me
as I stare at the walls.
I know that you have time or you
would not be in this place!
How long does it take to wave
or look into my face?!

But there you go again...
and I remain alone.
Do you fear that, in interaction,
YOUR heart will be known?
Well, I still have a heart and it
so longs for company!
Keep walking.  If you change your mind,
you know where I will be."

I won't ask if you know anyone that this relates to, because I KNOW that we all do.  There are friends and loved ones that have been "put away" and forgotten about.  Yes, I am well aware of all of the "politically correct" terms for this, but we can all do better in treating our elderly with the respect that they deserve!


Life is a vision.
What we go through defines what we see.
If it is decided that God is The Creator, then He will be visible in each creation.
What do you see? 

Enjoying the kaleidoscope
That is the first to see—
For every time, rays of hope
Come in variety!
For always is alive The Word
Made flesh and in all things…
Oh, even the kaleidoscope,
In spirit, brightly sings! 

Life—it has a melody,
Life—it has a tune,
Life—it is beyond account,
Therefore enjoy, commune! 

And once more the kaleidoscope
Is focused very fine,
Completely covering the east,
Behold the grand design!
Explain it not away, o pen,
Nor purpose to confine,
Seek alone narration, each
Emotion to define!

Do not, I implore you, do not confine THE infinite God to the parameters that some have assigned Him!  No matter what we go through today, He will be right there with us...even through the worst of storms!Look and see Him in all that you must do today!

Have I prayed?

So many issues in the day...have I prayed?
Such major issues on The He swayed?
Desires and necessities--He knows them all!
He orders every step if we obey His call!

That which be so pressing,
(important to the mind,)
He has already settled it,
what's best for us we'll find.
And that which He deems best, we may
not always understand;
oh, but this I know--I am secure
inside of His great hand!

Oh so many issues-
have I gone to prayer?
Jesus has the answers
and He is everywhere!
I must completely trust Him-
one direction for to go;
I must continue forward,
His will and way to know!

Jesus said that in the last days men will call what is evil "good" and call what is good "evil."  That which was evil or immoral in the past is now acceptable and actually encouraged.
Have I prayed?


Over and over in The Bible, God's Word, we see how He continues to take us back when we reject Him, sin against Him or break His rules.  This is especially visible in the Life of David.
After studying this and discussing this with other men one evening, I had to later cry out

"Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus
unto Whom I turn,
forgive me, Lord, for I repent;
please hasten, I will learn!
I know that there are consequences
for what I have done;
I cry out, though, that they be quick!
Lord, I refuse to run!
I refuse to make excuses-
I KNOW I am wrong!
Though I enjoyed the pleasures, I felt
You there, all along.
I turned my back on You and sought
the pleasures of the day.
now here am I, upon my face,
I'm ready to obey.

You, alone, to know the depth
of what has taken place.
You to know the travesty
that I have made of "grace!"
But for the same would I cry out!
Oh hear this, my lament!
See me as even I cannot;
Lord Jesus, I repent."

God's grace is incredible, but there are still repercussions for our sins.  Ask for His grace.
God's mercy is absolutely necessary for us to make it through life, but there are affects for our careless actions.  Cry out for His mercy!
God's grace and mercy.  By-products of His of the few certainties we have left in this life.

Worship without question

All the day to worship Him
and praise His mighty Name!
He is worthy of our time,
but our whole lives to claim!
He is holy, He is mighty!
Beautiful is He!
He is perfect at all times;
questions, though, to be...

"You are holy!  I am human-
I don't understand!
You are great and mighty and
You hold me in Your hand.
Worthy and so wonderful,
omniscient, Lord, You are!
In control of everything;
questions, though, they are...

Questions, they arise because
these needs are yet to grow.
Questions, they arise because
the pain I feel and know!
Questions, they arise because
I cannot see what's done!
Questions, they arise and yet,
Lord, You remain THE ONE!

All the day to worship You
and cling to You alone.
Questions--they diminish as
Your Presence, it is known.
And through the pain, through the lack,
through uncertainty,
I will worship only You,
though answers may not be!

Trust.  Do I trust God enough to answer my prayer?  Am I mature enough to accept HIS answer if it is not the one that I have been asking for?
God answers prayer.  Every prayer.  He is not a puppet.  He will answer my prayer with what He sees as best for my life--at the moment or in the long run.
I must trust Him.

Monday, May 19, 2014


The other evening, church was just about to begin when we got hit with a violent thunderstorm!  After the service started, it seemed like the rain just kept coming in waves!  At times, the rain was so loud that we had to stop until we could hear each other again, and so I wrote

In between barrages
we worship You, o Lord!
The storms WILL come, this we know,
but Life will You afford!
Behind the brief protection
we see Your wonders wield!
It's all so very beautiful,
(as long as there be shield!)

In spite of the barrages,
our worship, it be true!
You ride upon the very storm,
its loyal unto You!
You mark the path of lightning bolts,
You chart the water's course;
thunder thunders of Your greatness!

Father God Creator,
rider on the storm,
we exalt You long before
the currents even form!
And even when the blessings of
the terror come to be,
we will worship KNOWING You
control eternity!"

The storm did pass.  THAT one.  We finished church and all had time to get home safely before the next one hit. 
And God is still God.  Creator God.  Continue to trust Him is spite of whatever storm there may or may not be in your life.  He will NEVER let you down!

Another cup with God again with God.
This time, in the midst of conversing with Him, I am stilled and silenced by the glory as He creates a thunderstorm over there...

Black behind the mighty range
atmosphere to surely change!
God, however, to remain-
here comes the rain...

Behind the peaks, the moan, the roar...
streaks of current and much more!
Fascination for to pique...
o hear Him speak!

God--so present in the storm
before it even comes to form;
present even through it all.

The weather, in its every phase,
to terrify and to amaze
is still inside His mighty hand!
O take your stand!

Do you have time to be with Him today and watch Him create creation?  It is so worth the time! 
Coffee anyone?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Sing, sing, sing, sing...
hear the jubilation!
All the melodies of heart
bring to the celebration!
Glory unto Jesus Christ!
Glory to the King!
He is holy, He is worthy!
Sing, ye living, sing!

   Song of living, song of life,
   melodies alive,
   upon the same will Christ the King
   so willingly arrive!
   Jesus, Son of God Most high!
   Jesus, God the Son!
   Sing, sing, sing, sing!
   The music has begun!

"God the Father, God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit!"
Sing that so alive in heart
so everyone may hear it!
So glorious, the melody
that is the Risen Lord!
"Jesus, Jesus we sing our
to You in one accord!"

If you are not singing Jesus every day then you are missing a beautiful and glorious part of life!
You don't feel like singing?  That's when you need to do it most!

Early glory!

What a beautiful day!  Take a moment to notice it...

Oh the glory of creation
in the early light!
The beauty of the winter scape
borne throughout the night!
In the silence of the scape
Creator God to speak
truths pertaining to the day
in voices so unique!
So many stages are the waters
that would fascinate!
Contemplating each would cause
the heart to celebrate!
Celebrate His Majesty--
Creator God alone!
The beauty, o so very bold,
by HIS touch is it known!

Yes, in the glory of creation

God, He is so real!
Even in  the silence, hear
creation's great appeal!
It sings, it shouts, it resonates,
yes, even to the soul!
Creator God creating-
hear and see the life extol!!

Yes, now the glory of creation
in the early light.
Add your voices to the glory,
cause the Lord delight!

Creator God creating. 
Don't miss the wonder of it!  Don't ignore the reality of it!  Don't forget to thank Him for it!  He is worthy!

Our Hope!

"Come quickly!  O come quickly!"
Again, the heart to cry.
The world of spirit is abuzz
and we are poised to fly!
We long to see our Heaven home,
we long for yonder view;
but, Lord, the longing most of all
is just to be with You!

"Come quickly!  O come quickly!"
I cry throughout the day!
Be there in all activities,
reminding me of aye!
So much is there to do today
but You remain the most!
O my God, come quickly as
we worship You and boast!

Come quickly!  O come quickly,
our future and our Hope!
You cause us, Lord, to prosper;
You cause us, Lord, to cope!
You give us everything we need
to make it through the day.
Come quickly, oh come quickly, Lord,
You are the ONLY Way!

The Word again tells us that no matter how bad things look, we are to retain hope and cry out "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"
This world is full of uncertainties, but His Word is full of certainties.  Not the least of which is the promise of His return! 
Stand firm.

After The Word...

Reading God's Word, the Bible, is essential for us to have the balance that He has purposed for us.  Quite often, after reading what I am told, I am inspired to write...

Bless the Lord, o my soul,
He's worthy of all praise!
Praise the Lord, oh my soul,
o seek to know His ways!
Seek the Lord, o my soul,
there be no greater goal!
Give your everything to Him
and be completely whole!

God--for He is everything,
God--for He is real!
The adoration of my heart
no issue may conceal!
You are Omniscient, You know all,
and there no other be!
Your purpose, therefore, it be in
all things for us to see!

Bless the Lord, o my soul,
and be with Him alone.
That precious vital time when there
is God--His Presence shone!
So wonderful, so valuable,
so beautiful the same!
Enjoy, enjoy that holy time
and glorify His Name!

Don't neglect, don't ignore the Life that is The Bible--God's inspired Word.  And being in His Presence will become more alive and inspirational!


Once again, I find some pieces of paper that were written months ago, in a different season, seeming to be in a different world.
However, since God is not seasonal, I will send them because they are all for HIS glory anyway!

Good morning to You, Father.  See Your
glory on the Way!
November finally to see
Your colors on display!
The 'seizing' in the vision
of all upon the land!
None be there for to deny
the works, Lord, of Your hand!

The eyes to surely celebrate,
but, Father, so much more!
Beyond, beyond the windows, the
thermometer to snore!
Even in the friends upon
the wing a gentler song.
Autumn bidding "See the glory!"
as life goes along!

Good morning, Father God Creator,
thank You for today!
You are Life!  We anticipate
Your touch upon the Way!
Never take away Your hand
from living, so alive!
Take me along.  I will follow;
in Your grace, arrive!"

Did I just 'misplace' these pages, or did God put them where they needed to be because someone needed to hear this today?

The subject

"Where have You been all week?"
Where have I been all week?
"I'm sorry for avoiding You.
I know exactly where You have been all week...right beside me!
Too busy...again?  Excuses, excuses, excuses!  I'm sorry.
Oh God, You are good.  VERY good!
Thank You, Father, for STILL being right here, and being right there where we were.  Your Omnipresence is so valuable!  INVALUABLE!
LOOK!  Four bald eagles!  Thank You, Father God!
Thank You for making ordinary days extraordinary!
I am so grateful, Father, that You have every facet of my life in Your hands, in control, even though I may be out of control at times.
Thank You for ALWAYS being here!
In JESUS' Name,

Monday, May 12, 2014


The disappointment of the news,
the pain to generate...
But God knew all about it,
and God-He is so great!
His arms, for they encompass us
as we receive the word;
He receives the pain, as well,
from that which we have heard.

"But I don't understand this!!
We serve You without question,
and THIS becomes our share?!
We stand upon Your Promises...
Your Word we dine upon...
But God, but God, sometimes it seems
that all of that is gone!"

"Father God, but here am I,
oh pick me up once more.
Take me in Your healing arms
and, all of me, restore!
I cannot see the plan You have,
but it is good, I know.
You, alone, to make the sense,
that, from this, we can grow."

So many situations and distractions in the day that pull us, sway us, distract us and downright harass us as we press forward (or attempt to) on the Straight and Narrow.

I get frustrated.  You get frustrated.  But we serve a God Who is touched by our frustrations, but not thrown off the course that He has settled for each of us.
These words were written after listening to a young lady pour out her heart to us one evening.  Please join us in prayer for her, won't you?


Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Day in the life...

It's getting late.
It would be all too easy to skip this, shut everything down and go to bed, but something is so heavy on my heart that I just have to write about it...or HER!
Mother's Day. 
Another Mother's Day.
I must point out that my mother is not the only one to receive honor on this day.  My wife is worthy, too.  She is the mother of my children, yes.  And a very fine one!  But I am learning that the more my brain does what it does, the more she has to treat me like a child.  I listen to her talk to my mother or to our children about me, and I don't know who she is talking about!  "Did I really do that?!"  "Am I REALLY that way?!"
Yes, I am very blessed to have a mother who is worthy of honor.  Thank you, momma.  And I am VERY fortunate that God blessed me with a wife who must, at times, assume the same role.  Thank you, honey.
"And thank YOU, Father God, for putting these two incredible women in my life!!"

Friday, May 9, 2014

Gift from God!

So beautiful-first thing in the morning;
so beneficial all throughout the day;
the mother of my children-so proficient-
the woman of The Word upon display!
Knowing how to handle disappointments...
seeing ways of turning them around;
what she does may not always be 'perfect,'
but the perfect wife, for me, He's found!

Yes, it is Mother's Day again.  And though the woman I am married to is not my mother, she does deserve honor and gifts from me, too!  She is worth it!  I feel she is worth it...our children know she is worth it...and several others feel that way, too.  That is the affect and influence she has on her world!
Can you say the same about your wife?
Men, make sure that the woman who bore your children feels as special as the one who bore you.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wise woman

The miles that come between...excuses?
I have access to her in the palm of my hand.  Is that close enough?
Email...text...snail mail...sufficient?  Of course not!
The passion she's invested-

what have I returned?
Sacrifices even yet...
what has this man learned?
She still has answers that suffice,
even though she's old;
(and when the rhymes come out that way
she still knows how to scold!)

The years she has invested-
By me she has been tested,
(and yet the trials be!)
Continues she to conquer every
challenge on the way,
continues she to be the reason
there is "Mother's Day!

All that she has invested-
far more than word or verse,
but it's all that this man has to give...
almost seems like a curse!

I am a man of words.  You are bearing witness of that right now.  People all over the world contact me.  Some of them even pay me to put words together.  My mother can see right through all of that, but she knows my heart.  She's been dwelling there for over half a century!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alarm Clock

Another night of solid, restful sleep?  For some.

The storm is finally over;

the sky to silent be.
Remaining is the same...but many
miles away to see!
Even is the song of birds
beginning through the limbs,
minding of the Heaven voices
in their living hymns!

The storm is finally over-
this time, only rain.
The thunder and the lightning were,
but water be our gain
Wonderful, the lesson for us
(if we will attend,)
God is at the onset,
in the middle, at the end.
And stable are His promises,
assurances and cares.
The storm, no matter scale,
He will help us with repairs;
and there will be a song resounding,
echoing His grace
regardless of the storm or what
it may do to this place!

The storm is finally over-

repair already is begun,
and life, it is to be!

I have lived where there are earthquakes.  I have lived where they have hurricanes and incredible rainstorms, and I have lived where there are tornadoes.
There is one constant in each of those places: the Presence of God and His ability to heal and repair.  And regarding that constant, He will always repair or replace with something better than what was before the storm.  I've been through too many storms to know otherwise!
I know that there are folks reading this on a borrowed computer or in a temporary place because of the storm.  I beg you to continue to trust!!  Even when you have no clue what your next step is, HE DOES!!   Trust Him!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gathering dust?

Deeper, deeper once again
into The Truth alive!
I know that, soon, upon the answer
I will sure arrive!
Deep and wide His Majesty
for His Own to find,
and never be the opportune
that I should be resigned!
For there is not a situation,
premise--good or strife--
that can't be dealt with in His Presence
He Himself is LIFE!
And that which be abiding deep
that He, alone, possesses-
we must seek His direction lest
they all be utter messes!         

Deeper, deeper in The Bible,
God's anointed Word!
There, alone, be His instructions
for life clearly heard!
Jesus Christ, the Word alive
and dwelling deep inside-
Holy Spirit bring to life
what God has prophesied!
And so the depth that I would seek
for this day be obtained!
Manna, yes, for one more day;
His level to attain!

Open up The Bible!  Read it!  Don't let it just sit there on the shelf...on the desk until next Sunday!  His Word is alive and full of what we need to make it through this life, through that situation, through each moment of the day! 
Read God's Word, the Bible.  READ IT!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I see my brother wandering,
He knows not where to go.
I know what He is looking for,
I know which way to show...

I see my brother wandering
as I did many years.
I know the way he feels inside,
I know what calms the fears...

I see my brother wandering,
I see his fading hope.
I know he's close to giving up
but I can help him cope!

"I see my brother wandering,
oh Jesus, go with me.
As I extend a hand to him
Your nail-prints may he see!
As I look into his eyes,
Lord, let him see Your face;
as I open up my heart,
Lord, bathe him in Your grace!
For there is nothing of myself
his situation change,
however, Lord, Your saving grace-
His future rearrange!
O be in me that I can be
a vessel of Your love,
that he would rise and glorify
Our Father up above!"

"There's nothing I can do about it."
How many of us have looked at someone or some situation and aid this?  Truth be told, we are the ONLY ones who can do anything about it!!
The Pharisee looks around and says "Then who is my brother?"
The servant looks around and says "Who can I help next?"

Forever Youth?

"God is so good!"
How can I convey that?
What can words do to help others to KNOW that God is so good? 
What if I use those words to glorify Him and talk about the goodness that He has filled my life with?
What if I pointed out parts of life that grow truer with each new day?

I was young, but not I'm not.
How that happened, I forgot!
The girl I married years ago
is now the closest friend I know!
I have emotions, this I know.
(For knowing her has proven so!)
Character and dignity-
she has fostered such in me;
passion, pride and self-esteem
develops also in this dream!

I was longer, though.
Don't ask me how.  I do not know!
But I do know the fullness of
a man and woman deep in love!
For such developed and has grown
with every precious moment known.
And as I know such love in truth,
will ever disappear sweet youth?

There is a lot that I do not remember.  But there is a lot that I still recall and cling to dearly!  And it only takes a glimpse, a scent, a whisper to remind me that God gave me one of the most wonderful women ever created!