Monday, April 7, 2014


Why is it that we long for that age that is just beyond us...only to regret that we didn't do all that we could or wanted to before?

Once again, looking back--
the pleasure and the pain...
which moments to let go of,
which moments to retain?
How to differentiate...
how to capture "gain?"

Once again to look ahead,
just beyond the reach.
That age that is "far better"
we yearn for and beseech!
Will we learn and appreciate
the blessings "now" would teach?

Finding out "the way it was"
was not bad after all.
I must enjoy the way it is
and heed the current call
lest I should lose what is ahead
should the Reaper stall!

"Enjoy" the days that are?
"Endure" the days that are?
All we know about the future is ________.
So do your best today.

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