Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Under the bridge

In between casts, the writer cannot help but be drawn to the ancient architecture of the bridges that span the popular fishing hole...not so popular today in the 40-degree sunlight!

Pillars that have stood for generations...
secrets therein that remain unknown;
How many are the hands in their erection?
As many are the inspirations sown!
Silent, the remainder of the morning
save the current--by His hand controlled;
that which be suspended by the pillars
is spanning that too deep and way too cold!

Yet again to foster fascination-
"They do not make 'em like that anymore!"
See the craftsmanship in every detail
from the bluffs unto the other shore!
For now, however, listen to the stories;
words--though it be stoic in its pride;
opportunity for any writer
taking time by pillars river-side.

No matter how cold it gets, there be yet a few die-hards out in the current casting away.  Let them.  The writer will yet be taken by the glory of the God's creation...with its signs of industry standing firm!

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