Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Truer Forgiveness

My son sent me a note this morning asking for a small piece about 'Forgiveness.'  More specifically, Jesus looking down and saying "Father, forgive  them, for they know not what they do."  As I sometimes do, I fired off the first poem that came to mind.  Instantly feeling the conviction of the Lord, I prayed, listened, and hear the Holy Spirit say the following... 

"Father, please forgive them,
they know not what they do..."
An order of such magnitude,
but He makes them brand new.
A prayer of our loving Savior,
but have I a part?
I ask my Father to forgive,
but what about MY heart? 

Of course He will forgive them
and change their wicked ways.
He can even transform them
and turn their words to praise!
But this man has a task, as well, 
I must forgive, too;
for the thief upon the cross
was instant grace anew! 

"Father, please forgive them,
they know not what to do..."
but Lord, forgive me also,
and help me grow in You!
You have already cleansed them of
the wrongs they've done to me,
now give to me Your vision, that
I'll see them as You see." 

I saw the throng as one who had wronged me personally.  That said, I know that Jesus forgives them as soon as they ask...but have I forgiven them?  

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