Monday, April 21, 2014

Triumphal Entry

The crowds are stirring...
Listen to them!  Someone has seen Him...

Here He comes, His Majesty,
behold His royal mount!
The multitudes call out to Him,
"BEHOLD THE KING!" they shout!
Even now the myriads
cry out His holy Name!
Not another is the same!

"Hosanna!  Hosanna,
Hosanna to the King!
Even may the rocks break silence
should nobody sing!
Behold the Son of God Almighty
in our presence here!
Glory to His Majesty!
Holiness revere!

Here He comes, Jesus Christ,
beautiful is He!
Seal your vow unto The master;
praise His Majesty!
Triumphal entry to the heart...
but open yours today!
Allow Him in your innermost,
give Him your every way!

Here He comes...
What are you going to do about it?
Oh, let Him in and belong to Him today! 
He is Jesus...God's Own Son and He wants a relationship with YOU!!

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