Sunday, April 6, 2014


Who do you start your day with...

"Good morning, Holy Spirit,
how are You today?
I so appreciate Your peace
and grace upon display!
Creation, it is singing out
in honor unto You,
giving You the gratitude
and adoration due!

Good morning, o Creator,
You've done it yet once more!
The mountain range afar stands up,
Your Highness to adore!
Austere and so imposing,
yet putty in Your hands;
though majesty and power be
it yields to Your commands!

Good morning, Loving Savior,
You never leave my side!
Right here as, in the Father and
the Spirit, I abide.
You save me, heal me and forgive me
on the Narrow Way;
You laugh with me, You cry with me,
You share all of my day!

Good morning, o good morning
unto You, Three-in-One!
As I abide in You, another
blest day is begun!
I look unto new victories
that You have planned for me
as I cry out for You to make me
all that I can be!"

Father God...Holy Spirit...Jesus Christ.  They are so real, so wonderful!  Make Them an integral part of your day.  Converse with Them.  Enjoy they are right there with you in all that you do!

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