Friday, April 11, 2014

The REAL Spirit!

What a blessing it is to fully rely on the Holy Spirit.
What a blessing to fully KNOW that He is THAT reliable!

The glory, o the glory-
see it...hear it...feel!
There is nothing in my day
that is more very real!
Living in the Spirit as
He leads my steps...each one!
Directing even my own heart-
I will not be undone!

The leading of the Spirit,

o the glory real!
As I go about the day,
I will not conceal!
Yet will I exemplify
His attributes and ways;
o the glory of the Spirit-
I will give Him praise!

Holy Ghost...Holy Spirit...

holy, holy real!
O so wonderful His Presence
all the day reveal!
Participating in each work,
each moment to convey!
What a comfort is The Power
our Father sends our way!

Holy Spirit--so real!  So evident in every part of the day as we invite Him, request Him to guide us and comfort us.

I cannot live without Him.  What about you?

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