Sunday, April 27, 2014

Needed Savior

Jesus Christ.  Only Savior, needed Savior...

Savior--I have need of one
as life be so intense!
One to be mine Advocate
should I commit offense;
One to commute the sentence but
already I have earned;
One without malice to approach
when all, my flesh, have spurned!
But only One to humble even
to His final breath.
For the life of me He traded
His Own life for death!
scourging and abuse;
to even bear the cross of shame,
the spirit-man to loose!

Savior--I have need of one
and, oh, desire be
instilled inside the very depths
to taste of victory!
All other to be fleeting, yea,
impostors, every one,
save the Savior, Jesus Christ,
the One Begotten Son!

Savior--the intensity
of love-relationship!
But daily for to shudder, said
reality to grip!
Seeing only darkly until
darkness brings at last
the glories of eternal Presence,
in this life, amassed!

Needed Savior?  Yes.  And DESIRED Savior! 
Jesus Christ is the only Savior I'll ever need...and WANT!
You NEED Him, too!  Don't let anything of this life prevent you from seeking Him!

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