Monday, April 28, 2014

Last night... I was getting ready for church, I sat in one of the rooms off of the sanctuary admiring the beauty of the storm that was forming.  Glorious cloud formations...incredible lightning...torrents of rain...  and then we had a beautiful service.  God's Presence took us to new places and we were able to address issues that had to be faced.
Even as we came home, I was almost speechless at the beauty and the amount of the lightning!!
And then the news reports started coming in.  For most of the whole state, the storm was not beautiful at all.  It was damaging, devastating and even deadly. 
Should I feel guilty for being inspired by it?
As they started mentioning towns in the paths of the storms, we would realize "That's where ___________________ lives..." "That's where Dr. ______________________ lives..."  'That one is the one that ____________________lives in!"...and on and on.
Please pray for these folks and this area once again.  There are towns that we drive through on our way to the drs. in Little Rock that are no longer towns at all!  There are larger metropolitan areas that have lost 20...30...40% of their area.  There are people that are dear to our hearts in those towns that are definitely affected. 
In spite of all of that, the same God to Whom the storm is attributed is THE God that can heal and repair as we turn to Him.  Please join me in prayer for those states, cities and PEOPLE affected, as we know first-hand what tornadoes can do...and how He can, somehow, use this for His glory.

In HIS Service,

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