Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's that 'feeling' you get when something or someone is upon your heart and you don't know why.
It's that urging you get deep inside that tells you that you need to pray for someone...but you don't know why...

"Upon my heart once more.
This time, Lord, what for?
I cannot see the cause,
but something bids me pause
to lift them up to You-
for You know what to do.
You see the reason that I have concern.
That same reason I may never learn.
But that's the beauty of the Spirit's call-
He fully knows the reason, one and all!

Oh God, You see my brother in his need.
For the same, now, would I intercede.
It's far too great for me to understand,
oh, but it is in the reach of Your great hand!
For nothing, Lord, escapes Your great embrace.
I know this as I see my brother's face.
Releasing Him once more into Your care.
Oh Lord my God, please see he gets Your share.

Pay attention to that leading.  It's Holy Spirit.  He is very alive!
Don't let anything come between you and God when someone is upon your heart.

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